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I am interested in selling stuff, but think dont this is the right forum for this. One member asked about flags and I replied with a large Banner I have, shock no reply. In fact I dont think they have been on here anymore. I have a few items for sale but no bites. The upshot is I will have to try elsewhere as I dont see anything selling on here.😔

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  • Major General

Depends what your selling mate. 👍

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the site is practically dead?

The new movers and shakers on YouTube, Facebook, etc are dissing all of the sites in general?

There are more popular sites out there for sure, not any better, as they are so tightly controlled and manipulated?

Even here is dominated by more people dealing or selling?

Don't expect your stuff to fly off as the paradox is that most 'collectors' only trust dealers like lambs trust wolves?

This fact is because most of them don't know their arse from their elbow and think they will get some sort of guarantee from some unscrupulous dealer? 

Good luck with your sales and further ventures on other fora.




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  • Major General

Its a shame that everyone seems to stick with FB and the like. Ive always said it wont be long before they stop militaria,then hopefully forums like this rise again.

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