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New project, living room and two chimneys to recommission.

Richard Auld

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Guys, been very distracted by our spiral into despair here in Germany due to the gas situation. I have been busy trying to shift my reliance on gas to having a back up in the form of a couple to three wood burners. I have all the required products now and am waiting for my workmates to set a date to start rebuilding the existing chimneys and cleaning one out. Luckily they are qualified builders and recon its a days work! Being ever the pessimist I will plan for 3 days to cover any unforeseen issues.

To give you an idea of what is going on over here right now, my pal paid €3200 last year for his annual heating oil refill, this year he paid in excess of €9000. This is quite simply not sustainable for every household in Germany and will be pushing us into an economic collapse. The knock on of which may take down the EU in its current format. Just my opinion but I think we are being fool hardy getting involved in another US proxy war, what could go wrong with that?

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Thats a really cool stove. I have a dream of having one some day in my small house. I have to settle for this fake one for heat and looks. lol


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Mate is was not expensive, my workmates are qualified builder and stone masons so they rebuilt the chimney back that was under the roof tiles took them a day and a half, cost me €390 plus a few bricks and the mortar, oven is second hand as it is hard to find one in Germany at the moment. Just got to do the shop downstairs now for my wife as it can get nippy and I don't want the gas on if I can help it. Yours looks like it does the job? Perhaps you could get one of those stainless steel chimney's that go on the side of the house, they are not too expensive and a cheep oven? 

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A few shots of progress, the walls were a nightmare with the scars of 70 years but they are covered with a really hard, more cement based covering not traditional plaster so I kept it and patched it. Bit of a balls ache but done now.




















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  • Major General

Ive done the same at mine. Got a multi fuel burner installed. As ive no chimney flu being an 80's built house,we had to go through the outside rear wall. New stone fireplace too. Cost £2800. Been worth every penny so far. Lovely fire on nightly thus far. Will try sort pics,but im on the PC and its a ballache to upload them.

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