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Winchester 1885 Low Wall Winder Musket. Need some help with it.


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I plan to be a regular here, so please forgive my first post about seeking information about parts for my rifle.

I have a Winchester 1885 Low Wall Winder Musket, and it presently has a sporterized front handguard.  I had a member on another forum see a post of mine about this rifle, and told me that he had a full length handguard for it, but it is missing the front end cap.  We  made a trade agreement so that I could get it an d eventually put it on my rifle.

There is quite a story attached to this rifle, and it means a great deal to me.  I plan to never part with it until I'm gone, and my daughter, and eventually her daughter will own it.  They have both said that they'll never part with it once they have it.  I'll save the story for later.


So, my question is this.  Can anybody here lead me to locating the front end cap that I need to complete this rifle.  I would love to finish it with the full length handguard






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Nice rifle! I'm guessing you already have , but I will mention if you have tried https://www.gunpartscorp.com/> They have alot of orig. stock parts. Another might be to try gunbroker.com. Hope this is of some help. I will keep you in mind if I find anything else.

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I've tried both, to no avail.  Hoping there might be another collector with one buried in one of their spare parts bins.

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