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Is this ordnance?


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Hi, new member here. 
We bought an old house in East Sussex last year with 3 big holes in the woodland. I am convinced they are bomb holes, they don’t show on OS maps prior to 1930. We have found parts of what I believe are from a German incendiary bomb and a spent round (bullet) of 7.8mm used on the Focker Wolfe me109. We have found history of a raid in early 1943 in the immediate area by 3 FW 109’s. We also have a photo of the senior air raid wardens map showing some 7,000 plus high explosive bomb sites, one of which has the right configuration in about the right location. 92E17A04-566E-4B4D-AB45-64D3C1C71714.thumb.jpeg.b49aecb57afb272f68ea1b3cc5018de4.jpegAD3FBB59-17CC-4126-BC4B-6AED63D95E5D.thumb.jpeg.552d489bc72f0cbd727f0fd2ba3d1c2e.jpegSo when I found this I wondered if it could be a fuse of some kind? Could that be a percussion cap on the end?  It is all plastic I think but I have never seen anything like it. Anyone seen anything similar?

I will write up the whole story in due course if anyone is interested, and display all the finds (evidence).Thanks

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no idea but if you believe it might be it is better to let the experts handle suspected UXO?

Explosives become more unstable the older they are.

Good luck!


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