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Research Help Requested!

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Hi everyone, I'm brand new here. I think my questions range over several different parts of the forum but thought I'd start here and maybe you guys can direct me to other areas if I'm in the wrong spot! 
I am doing some historical research and as a shot in the dark I thought this might be a good place to harness the power of a bunch of knowledgable people. I am researching a man named Wilhelm Gustav Schaal, and have been able to find very little about him, but I did find these 3 photos/documents. I wonder what the experts here can tell me about him from these photos? Rank, medals, history.... Absolutely any information will be helpful. Pretend I know nothing, because it's not far from the truth! 😂  Is anyone actually able to read and translate the documents? Thanks in advance for any research help you can offer! 🙏


Wilhelm Gustav Schaal.jpeg



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