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Gabaradine Visor or Crusher Cap.


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I haven't been to this site in some time, and I'm still having trouble with a particular item. I'm trying to find a Size 61 or larger Heer crusher cap (or a visor cap that can be converted pretty easily) in Gabardine, with a non-leather liner and non-leather visor (gabardine, plastic, imitation leather, anything).

I know that that combination is a little out of the way (especially the last part), but I'm still surprised by how much trouble I've had finding even a single one at any price. Does anyone know of a place with a cap like that?

This is one that I found from Epic, which was their last one, but it should give some idea of what I mean.

ww2-german-army-heer-gabardine-crusher-visor-cap-tku7530h; (Epic Militaria) Have.jpg

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