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Japanese good luck flag original


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I bought this from the Gettysberg Museum relics shop. Its a Japanese good luck flag. I posted it on the Japanese reference forum and they are so condescending it was sick. I got that the Museum sold blood stained flags and that was a joke and that it should be illegal to sell Third Reich items like the Museum does bla bla bla.  I think its a bunch of Japanese Nationalists there that hate all those not Japanese. The flag seems like an original to me but I would like others to look at it. I don't think its a See Bee flag. There are some very faded writings on it that can not be translated. I will try to get better pictures once I receive it. The Museum gives a life time guarantee that its original. Opinions appreciated.




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Is the sun or "meatball" separately applied? It is not common to have writing inside the meatball - but it did happen. I have one example with writing inside the red saying "good luck - onto war". 

These are all unique in my mind. Most were taken off the dead - but such is war. 



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