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Been to Kinloss to visit family!

Richard Auld

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just been back to Scotland for the first time since I was 12.

We visited our daughter, her husband is still serving, but hopefully he will be out soon before he ends up in Ukraine, if that grows legs.

They want to settle there and it was a real blast from the past, took my eldest grandson fishing, didn't catch any but he got to grips with the rod very quickly. He will be showing his dad how to do it, left them the rods.

Took him metal detecting and left him the Garrett! Just found some scrap, hard to keep them focused when it not immediately gold!

Other grandson is younger, bought him a tractor and trailer toy that never left his hands for the duration of the visit, future farmer hopefully?

Our granddaughter is still at the wobbly head stage, very cute but you can't do a lot with them? At least she always laughed when we interacted, whether with me or at me I am not sure but she didn't cry, so that is a win?

Our niece was there with her daughter, didn't make her cry, she is 4, very sharp but like here laptop thing, must be difficult parenting these days, so many distractions.

Visited Glenmorangie distillery, had whisky for breakfast (not recommended), thank goodness there was a food bar there with a very nice lady (Liz) that made some nice bacon and egg baps, she threw me a bit of fish that was very tasty, for free, so I must have been looking the worse for ware or like a seal? Can recommend the tour, very interesting how it is made, might have a pop myself?

Down side is the wife from Nottingham really loved it and has stated we need to move there.

I am too old for that but she has stated we are selling up when we retire in Germany, and moving there, or there abouts?

Dogs loved the sea, it was a bit cold but that is Scotland.

Went for a dip but my balls were in my throat very quickly!

We finished with an overnight at Folkestone in the Grand Hotel on the sea front, it is not the Ritz but price wise, with it being dog friendly it is good value for money and right on the sea front. Staff are very friendly, not in a forced way, sincere if you like.

Looking forward to the next visit but likely flying as the drive is bone!

A few pics....





















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