Donations to the MCN

Donations to the MCN

It’s an expensive business hosting a website, software licences etc. if you appreciate what the MCN does for collectors, then please consider donating. At the moment, I pay all the costs out of my own pocket. It works out roughly about £1000 per year. I get minimal funds from a few dealer adverts, but it doesn’t come close I’m afraid.

If you can donate even a small amount, the cost of a cup of coffee even, (I drink a lot of coffee whilst working on this website.) then that would be appreciated.

The MCN will always be free for it’s members, I’m still thinking about what to charge to allow selling of multiple items. Its free at the moment if you sell up to x items per month, but if you want to sell more there probably will be a token charge to help with costs. Likewise, dealers can only advertise, get banner adverts if they pay a fee. This is stil all being finalised, but more news very soon.

donate to the MCN here.

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