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  2. Would like to find out who would buy a A.Hitler signed gouache. It has the highest certification and documentation from a renowned art advisory in Germany. Certificate by the head of registry appointed by A. Hitler and was sold at the most renowned German auctionhouse for WW2 items in 1999. the buyer would get all documentation explaining everything.
  3. Waffenamt


    Hiya Val, You will laugh at this... The swines dried out again hahahahah Ok,i promise a pic when up at workshop tomorrow aft
  4. Yes, it is an error, it happens quite a lot, especially with Generalarbeitsführer von Alten, Arbeitsgau XV, Sachsen-Ost, he is identified as Hierl a lot.. Here is von Alten, he does look like Hierl.
  5. Thanks @Gwar , then original source has also an error. https://www.reddit.com/r/GermanWW2photos/comments/4ymut7/reichsarbeitsdienst_rad_reich_labor_service_group/
  6. Val, the images provided in the link are not Reichsarbeitsführer Hierl, but rather Herms Niel, he was a German composer of military songs and marches, most notably the song 'Erika' (Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein)" (in the 1930s), I actually have a hand signed picture postcard of him, when doing research on him, there were several passages about him liking to sign autographs for his fans, on a side note, I believe a few of the pics from the link show Dr. Ley as well.. G
  7. Guys, lifted this from WRF, good to know these steadfast people are as bent as a 9 bob note! When will people learn not to trust the people calling the shots. Just like politics really? https://www.warrelics.eu/forum/discussions/ron-weinand-820698/
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  9. @Gwar , one gallery. There's Hierl, but i still put it here. And you can tell us what ceremony is that. https://imgur.com/a/OF30y
  10. Thank you Rich, that’s very helpful as so difficult to read these pages. That’s great information for me to carry on looking into this. 👍🏻 Thanks Alan
  11. Guys, been very distracted by our spiral into despair here in Germany due to the gas situation. I have been busy trying to shift my reliance on gas to having a back up in the form of a couple to three wood burners. I have all the required products now and am waiting for my workmates to set a date to start rebuilding the existing chimneys and cleaning one out. Luckily they are qualified builders and recon its a days work! Being ever the pessimist I will plan for 3 days to cover any unforeseen issues. To give you an idea of what is going on over here right now, my pal paid €3200 last year for his annual heating oil refill, this year he paid in excess of €9000. This is quite simply not sustainable for every household in Germany and will be pushing us into an economic collapse. The knock on of which may take down the EU in its current format. Just my opinion but I think we are being fool hardy getting involved in another US proxy war, what could go wrong with that?
  12. Richard Auld

    Happy Sunday

    I am never far from a Guinness.
  13. Richard Auld

    Hello Everyone! Happy to be here just joined!

    Welcome, I'm British. Was on the range today as it happens, passed as usual! What area do you collect Gene? Best Rich
  14. Richard Auld

    Wehrpass help pls?

    Hi Alan, Start with the easy stuff your red 3, that is basically his 50 RM payment for being released from service, 'entlassungsgeld in hohe RM 50 etc.' Some passes have this statement as a stamped paragraph that only needs dates and signature. Clue as well is the stamp with Stabszahlmeister or HQ/Unit paymaster. Red 5 for me is War merit cross with swords on 1,11,41. No stamp or seal but that is not uncommon. Red 4 is his operational deployment page, First line Polish campaign on the home front (I think), second Polish campaign middle operational area, 3rd line operational area in the West, 4th line looks like Southern area of operations on the Western AO. 5th line looks like Operational area in the West (war against England).Last line Operational area East, IE Russia. Red 1 not getting it but the last bit could be 'in ordnungsdienst' Red 2, sorry too hard to decipher. you could try Hucks on GMIC, he has a good eye! Best Rich
  15. Reichsarbeitsführer Hierl with an unknown Arbeitsführer..
  16. Great photo Val, the man on the right is Generalarbeitsführer Wilhelm Faatz, Arbeitsgau XXV Hessen-Sud ..
  17. Hello Everyone! My name is Gene Faucella and I am a Country loving, God praising, Patriotic practicing American trying to preserve the practice of Patriotism in the world we live in today. I own an Insurance Agency and we specialize in Insuring Pre & Post WW2 Firearms and Memorabilia. Other than that I head to the range weekly and love growing my collection. I would love to meet other fellow enthusiasts here and help grow and support the community in anyway I can. Gene Faucella (O) 516-515-9260 (C) 516-669-6797 gene.faucella@goosehead.com
  18. And maybe those are unknown to you. https://audiovis.nac.gov.pl/i/PIC/PIC_2-3134.jpg https://audiovis.nac.gov.pl/i/PIC/PIC_2-1513.jpg https://audiovis.nac.gov.pl/i/PIC/PIC_2-13292.jpg Source and more, 2 pages. https://audiovis.nac.gov.pl/search/92cf09a3d6708e41b2d81aa5e4f75e1c:1/ If not, i can delete later.
  19. Well, you especially stated that no web. But nevertheless, Bundesarchiv has some interesting bits: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Konstantin_Hierl#/media/File:Fotos_und_Dokumente_zum_Reichsarbeitsdienst_aus_dem_Bundesarchiv_-_028_reichsarbeitsfuhrer-hierl-empfangt-angehorige-des-weiblichen-norwegischen-arbeitsdienstes-ca-1940-41_German_Labour_Service_in_Norway_during_WW2_No_known_copyright_r.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Konstantin_Hierl#/media/File:Bundesarchiv_Konstantin_Hierl_RAD_Vidkun_Quisling_Norway_WW2_025_telegramm-des-norwegischen-ministerprasidenten-vidkun-quislings-an-hierl-zu-dessen-70-geburtstag-feb-1945_Reichssicherheitshauptamt_No_known_copyright_restrictions.jpg Source : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Konstantin_Hierl
  20. Hello, please post photos of Reichsarbeitsführer Hierl within this thread, many thanks, please, if possible original pics only, not from the web, Thanks, G
  21. Hi @Alan Clark and welcome! @Richard Auld is our document expert here, stick around, soon he will stop by.
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