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  2. I recently picked up an SA dagger blade for quite cheap price. Got a piece together scabbard through trade(SS/SA/NSKK pieces), Have an SA grip and cross guards coming. It is a "Frankenstein's Monster" but will be nice for display and cheaply acquired ! I figure I am saving all these parts from a junk pile, lol Plus its fun to see the finished result.
  3. Afrikakorpsrat64

    WW2 British Beaded handle commando Knife

    Some more photos of the WW2 P2 Beaded and ribbed handle British Fairbairn–Sykes Commando knife I picked up in Utah. Did some research. I dont believe this one is a Wilkinson made piece, may be a J. Clarke & Son. About 1941. It is a "Bring back" piece, not an import.
  4. Afrikakorpsrat64

    All's Quiet on All fronts!

    It's gone quiet on The forum again! Where is everyone?? Well, I will be the 1st to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and Holiday season! Cheers all!!
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  6. Afrikakorpsrat64

    Can Anyone help me id this

    Not positive but think its a veterans Commemoration pin for naval service?
  7. Afrikakorpsrat64

    WW1 Canteen w/cup

    Another find while vacationing for Thanksgiving. 1st complete canteen I have added to collection that still had the cup. Dated 1918, 319th Regt. 80th Div. Infantry. Got this in a little junk shop in Utah.
  8. Afrikakorpsrat64

    WW2 British Beaded handle commando Knife

    I'm on vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday. My sister and I went antiquing and I picked up my 1st Original British commando knife. Thanks to the modern age was able to get help from friend and research before I got it. I am so pleased with this one. Broad arrow proof mark on handle, a 4 under that, missing the tabs on scabbard but otherwise excellent!The price was a steal at $285.
  9. Hello All, I'm New here. I have a December 1945 hard copy of Report Of The Engineer Sixth Army Luzon Campaign 9 Jan 1945 - 30 June 1945. The book is in very good to excellent condition for its age. There is a typed signed letter with it from Brigadier General Samuel D. Sturgis Jr. dated 15 January 1946. There are also tactical maps in the back of the book covering the Luzon campaign. I am trying to find out how much this may be worth and where I could sell or auction it off. Thank you
  10. Afrikakorpsrat64

    Rainy day on my vacation so some Tropical photos!!

    Thanks! That piece is a Anti-gas Cape/blanket, made of a rubberized anti chemical material. This is the Tropical version. Its large enough to cover a person. I have never completely unfolded this one.
  11. Camelspank

    Rainy day on my vacation so some Tropical photos!!

    Fantastic collection. Can you tell me what the item is that is folded and packed against the gas mask with the webbing strap? Not see this item before so always a school day!
  12. Evgeny

    high quality of ss totenkopfring

    just photos of new completed works and resored my new copy of skull from my original ring of 1938 year
  13. Afrikakorpsrat64

    Glass mine base.

    Thats amazing!
  14. Afrikakorpsrat64

    Repairing and restoring a German MG ammo can.

    I would gladly do it Rich if I was near by!
  15. Afrikakorpsrat64

    Unit marked Saxon buckle

    I agree with @Richard Auld. I wish someone would write a book on reading and Id'ing the regiments .
  16. Stephen Pannell

    Essel Bridge Battle South of Fallingbostel

    Rich So very sorry to hear the sad news about Albert and your other friends: life can be cruel. Tempus Fugit - it will catch us all eventually - and I realise that WW2 is very quickly passing out of living memory and soon to become 'history'. Best wishes and thanks for your message Steve
  17. lach470

    Unit marked Saxon buckle

    That would make sense. Thanks Rich! Rob
  18. Richard Auld

    Glass mine base.

    Guys, out of an attic here in Bergen, picking up some furniture for the wife and the lady had a lot of pickling jars and this one just jumped out at me. Just the base but she let me have it... To be fair she did not know what it was until I told her. Rich
  19. Richard Auld

    General Update

    He is a tight fit now on the window sill, only a year later, they grow so quick... He likes to swim, I don't hence Army not Navy... He is mental with water, no fear at all... Rich shaggy1.mp4 shaggy2.mp4
  20. Guys, I beleive this is in the Bevo style. Out the skip and free..... Rich
  21. Lenny, which band would that be? Rich
  22. Richard Auld

    German made, Norwegian reissue

    What made me think it could be KM is that the liner was not removed to paint the grey? IE the inside behind the liner was green or so it looked? Gloss also used on boats. Too late one way or the other. Edit, what makes the liner splints post war for you, were they dated post war or just unmarked? Best Rich
  23. Richard Auld

    Unit marked Saxon buckle

    Possibly 9th Company. Rich
  24. Hey guys. I don’t collect as much as I used to but I came across this unit marked Saxon buckle yesterday and just had to have it. At 45GBP, the price was right! I have a few Saxon buckles but this is my first unit marked example. I assume 101st grenadiers….but anyone know what the 9 would represent? Cheers all and thanks for any help with the markings. Rob
  25. Lenny

    General Update

    Gorgeous dog…
  26. Lenny

    Ron Weinand, Daggers bloke, corrupt like most on WAF?

    Not surprised to be honest.
  27. Richard Auld

    Reichsluftfahrtministerium Erkennungsmarken

    I will but a DAK tag is complicated because they are normally from the unit that was mobilized. That is to say, you normally have no reference to Africa unless they lost their tag in theatre and received a replacement. Does that make sense , do you know what I mean?
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