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  2. Guys, As stated above. Nothing fancy... Rich
  3. Richard Auld

    DD M35/40 Luftwaffe Camo Helmet

    Why don't you try German Helmets Walhalla, they have people that only collect helmets? Best Rich
  4. Unusual item, we had a hand generator for the PRC320 on CES. Rich
  5. gregory128

    DD M35/40 Luftwaffe Camo Helmet

    Dropped to 700.
  6. Look what the cat brought in.... unfortunately not complete, but a good start 😁
  7. Hello dear forum participants! I am from Russia, I work in one of the military parks. Now we are recycling exhibits. I offer for purchase a T-34 tank released in 1941. The tank is in good condition and has been on display since 1985. The transaction is concluded under a written contract. Delivery is made by a logistics company. The cost of 150 000 £ including delivery. Or tell a reasonable price or where you can find a buyer for it. It is a pity that my country does not protect its history properly.
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  9. Guys, looks like this bloke did a French course and it has been well acknowledged in true German fashion. Rich
  10. Guys, This card must have been used at the mustering station? Nothing on the reverse? Like I say, a first for me. Rich
  11. Guys, Small group to a HQ bloke. Not highly decorated, in the rear with the gear? Did get wounded though!
  12. Guys, I have something similar for this house with a fancy stamp on it. Just the cover, first page and last page with the seal! No need for the legal hot air in the middle. Rich
  13. Richard Auld

    Two sets of 'come along' cuffs

    Guys, Both different in manufacture, could be old or more modern, not sure from when these sort of things date to be honest. Pint of Guinness on a glass mine pressure plate coaster, these are very robust and good for the job! Rich
  14. Richard Auld

    Train Guards Flag DR & DB marked?

    Guys, Comes in a case that it is post war for sure but the wooden handle has achance as it state DR but again this was used up to the 50s? It was cheap and cheerful! Rich
  15. Richard Auld


    So it states anyway, just a single page from an album. Bottom left is Motzart's home of birth?
  16. Guys, Mid 44 and they are still worying about a small credit? Looks like the LT was in Oslo, wrtten in green ink top right?
  17. As stated above. Rich
  18. Guest

    DD M35/40 Luftwaffe Camo Helmet

    Dropped to 900 following advice.
  19. Olly

    Jerry cans

    I have for sale 2 WWII Jerry cans dated 1943 and 1944, both have WD and broad arrow marked, one has RTMP mark other is harder to read I’m pretty sure it RTMP again also interested in any just knowledge on the pieces you guys may have! also note in the sale is a can from 1975c find link below! eBay link
  20. hcs


    The homemade BNC adapter, that I got together with the Samos. The tip from unbalanced BNC is connected to one of the balanced inputs of the Samos, the ground/shield of BNC is connected to the other balanced input and ground of Samos.
  21. Davejb

    DD M35/40 Luftwaffe Camo Helmet

    I.m sorry but I dont think you will get that sort of price for this helmet, there are much better ones that have appeared on here with lower prices, and with less damage
  22. hcs


    Yesterday I painted the front, with a paint mixed in a paint shop, it is not perfect, but close, I guess 78 years of smoke and dirt added to the original color. I really don't want to repaint the complete front, so this is how it looks like now: I checked the sensitivity and both AM and FM, seems to fulfill the specification of 1 V output in 4000 ohm @ 0,3 V noise, with 12 uV input level at the antenna. I don't have any impedance correction for the antenna, my signal generator is 50 ohm and the Samos is 150 omh balanced, so some tolerance is to be accepted. Regarding the distortion, with deviation higher than around 13 Khz, I checked the IF, limiter and demodulator circuits, all seems to be working okay and all components are within specifications, my conclusion is that the radio is working, as intended, since it was made for measuring and detecting, not for hifi broadcasting.
  23. Really nice example of a double decal Luftwaffe M35/40 Camo Helmet. Clean condition, missing a chin strap. Liner is original to the helmet. Size 64 by Quist. Looking for £1350 for the helmet. I am located in the UK, Shropshire should you wish to arrange a viewing. Please drop me a PM if interested.
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