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  2. Richard Auld

    For trade against paper as always

    Guys, The junk from today.
  3. Richard Auld

    WH M35 Rautarn Helmet

    Can I add as stated above argument is not what I want and I am happy in my mind with what I have observed from the pictures above and stated as you note. A bit of healthy discussion would also be good as this is the whole point of a forum. I am happy to be wrong all day long if someone has noticed something I haven't, again the whole point of the forum. Dave I have no problem with your moderation or most all moderators across the eather as they do it for free and they do their best. I am passionate about the hobby I have no problem with some one saying what I have written is '24 carrat bulsiht' because .......... but the sentence ended with no qualification of what I have missinterprited. A couple of people have stopped posting their choice. A couple of people joined so they could stop posting, OK. Bit wierd. Can I also add I have never private mailed someone to insult them personally, anywhere! I don't pride myself on offending people but I find it hard to let it go when they do it to me. Some times we all read things differently even though it is written the same. I try to be generally polite and treat people as they treat me, is that fair? I have fought all my life and if I see something wrong I tend to call a spade a spade and sometimes it gets away from me a bit. I shall endevour to be more easy going as the hobby is not growing we need people that actualy have an interest. Sorry! Rich
  4. Richard Auld

    Mixed bag today

    Nothing fancy, EK is LW marked party is M1/52, EKFK is B? Rest unmarked. Not sure about the pins the shield thing has 813 so not a U Boat? Possible Bundsmarine? Rich
  5. Richard Auld

    WH M35 Rautarn Helmet

    Just trying to gode a bit of participation, won't happen I know. I am trying for discussion not arguement. I take your point and I will behave. i was just a bit ill and arsey, sorry! Best Rich
  6. Festrako

    German resistance meter

    Hello, I sell my second german resistance meter, especially used for the fortress communication items by the Festung-Nachrichten Truppen. A small part is broken. The card gives the scale. Asked price is 105€ + postage. Trade is also possible if you have bunker related items. Best regards
  7. Davejb

    WH M35 Rautarn Helmet

    Richard, there are no sides as you suggest,and its not a case of growing a pair, which to be honest I find a bit offensive, This forum has always been differant to that of facebook where it is common to create an antagonistic view towards other members, which you seem to pride yourself in doing so, This forum was created to get away from that mentality, You are outspoken in your comments which is ok up to a point, but instead of just making a comment and letting it go, you persist in dwelling on the point and this leads into a full scale argument, I thought that by now you would have taken the higher ground and be content in knowing that what you have said was correct in your mind,and because others make no replys you consider this as a failing, Have you ever thought that others dont want to get drawn into your arguments with another member, mainly because they know it leads into bad feeling within the forum, is this not a consideration of yours, or do you have to have confirmation from others. By all means have a friendly opinion but curb your comments about other members just because they dont back you up. Now, all that said I think you will agree that as a moderator I,m pretty easy going, but as the senior moderator, as in the longest here and the higher ranking, I have tried to help make this forum as a place that members are happy to visit, it does,nt help if there are some who want to stir the pot, therefor as is my role as moderator, I will from now on start to issue warnings to any who cause trouble within the forum on a regular basis
  8. Last week
  9. Assume this is Ade Blake, nice to have you here again mate!
  10. IIAND

    German WWII Awards / Badges (Various)

    EK1 on hold. B.H. Mayer tinnie on hold.
  11. Richard Auld

    WH M35 Rautarn Helmet

    Still no reply, less activity, so I would bet you are all on his side? Then tell me why what I have written here is wrong? It must be quite easy to do? Oh wait a pair of Ferraries, that makes it right? Really?
  12. Richard Auld

    WW1 Hob Nail art???

    I have an opionion from a German pal, he says it is not that popular a design? Roman helmet? I would argue that it is rarer than an EK type design, who knows who cares? Rich
  13. A nice view of the Anschluss Kasten at the base of a static flak88.
  14. Earlier
  15. hcs


    I am now finish painting the cover and front in grey. I need to make a new shield with the serial number 24490-41, for this I need a closeup photo, in high resolution and in 90 degrees angle, to get the proportions right. I found this shield in the net, I am looking for something like this, because this is close for my serial number and from 1941. I don't know the manuafacturer of my receiver and don't know if it is possible to find out, using the stamps inside receiver? Anybody with a shield like this willing to make a nice photo? Then I'll be very happy
  16. Ok so I’m a tad late to this party but I’m always interested to hear about WW2 Police helmet collections and/or documents about Helmet markings specific to certain areas. Our trips to regional Records Offices for our first book didn’t spread to Scotland (sorry - but we did include Scottish Helmets) but if we progress to Book 2 we plan to hit some of the Northern archives and may even make it north of the border. I’m always happy to hear about new sources of helmet marking info.
  17. Hi there, Items for sale: Ost Medal with Packet (B.H. Mayer) - £60 BWB (L/21) with etui: £125 BWB ('3' Deumer): £50 SWB ('65' K&Q): £65 EK1 ('26' B.H. Mayer): £180 939 WHW Tinnie (B.H. Mayer): £10 In case anyone is intrested in the lot, the total comes to £490 but happy to let go for £475. Will send via 2nd class signed for or special delivery. Any questions, please contact me. All the best, Rob.
  18. hcs


    Grounding color, first layer.
  19. hcs


    Thank you Funksammler👍
  20. Funksammler


    Painted grey inside and out. regards, Funksammler
  21. hcs


    I am now starting to paint the front cover and the case for the E10K. I need to know the original color of the inside of the frontcover, is it the same like outside or another? I managed to restore the last letter in frequensangleich, where someone made a hole. I also made a new holder for the small card.
  22. Brian Bridger

    British badges

    No interest shown so am putting them on an auction site.
  23. Brian Bridger

    German knife

    No interest shown so am putting it to an auction site.
  24. I think the price depends on the named letters inside, its obvious that its a personal helmet and if you can find out who that name belonged to, that would help to determine the price,it could be a senior officer who was well known or just a guy who put his initials there
  25. BAR21

    unknown helmet

    did you see the front lob possibly there was a head badge look at the rust there. I added a few photos of the head badge area and the odd type liner
  26. BAR21

    unknown helmet

    yes I agree but the paint in person shows age my guess 60s to 70s maybe photos don't do it justice but peeking though are rust underneath the camo paint
  27. Brian Bridger

    Delete Ads

    How do I delete For sale ads? Seems no interest in my British cap badges so am going to put them on a local auction site. Cheers Brian
  28. Davejb

    unknown helmet

    I was thinking the same thing, There are numerous photos on line and this could be a form of there cammo pattern but it looks as if there is very little wear on the external and those guys were in the thick of the fighting, It could be a recent paint job, its a shame that there is no interior liner as I think that these were marked with the names of the troops, either way its an unusual helmet
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