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  4. RoamingChad

    The German Tornister backpack

    Fantastic information & motivates me to get mine out & appreciate them more. When did the M34 cease to be produced? I’ve one dated 1942 so I see the overlap between the M34 & M39. How late was the 1895 produced?
  5. hanswolf1224

    bronze tank badge

    ok Richard.
  6. Afrikakorpsrat64

    Reichsluftfahrtministerium Erkennungsmarken

    @Richard Auld Rich, Please keep me in mind if you come across any DAK tags. Thanks!
  7. kegan1226

    German Bundewehr Gravity knife

    Still available?
  8. Guys, couple or 5 unusual discs. Happy New Year! Rich
  9. Richard Auld

    bronze tank badge

    Sorry small stuff is staying I am shifting the big stuff and that would be impractical to the US at the current post prices. Lost my Niemanns, I have put it somewhere safe?! Best Rich
  10. Evgeny

    high quality of ss totenkopfring

    I present a copy of the Sepp Dietrich ring itself, I repeated the smallest details and curves of the ornaments, it is unlikely that the current owner will allow this ring to be copied ever, so this is the most accurate copy that can be made. A copy from the original ring of 1937 was taken as a basis, and the entire ornament of the ring was edited, because rings in size (height, thickness, etc.) were the same for the rings of the 30s, then the dimensions of this copy of the Dietrich ring correspond to the original as much as possible.
  11. I am looking for Mod 0 Naval Pen Flare Launcher Kit / USN. Please help thank you!
  12. hanswolf1224

    bronze tank badge

    thank you. do you have badges to sell
  13. S245G

    The BCN?

    Ok do your best and I will contact my colleagues for soldbuchs wehrpass and stuff like that. Is there anything else you may interested in finding?
  14. Richard Auld

    bronze tank badge

    I will have a look in Niemanns when I get a minute, busy with Tax at the moment and the new ground tax, always bloody something... Rich
  15. Richard Auld


    Not my area but we the Brits have many such things too and most with the leather re enforcement are for tools that are a bit heavy? Hope you find it... Happy New Year. Rich
  16. Richard Auld

    The BCN?

    I will need to dig them out, I know roughly where they are. Happy New Year. Rich
  17. S245G

    The BCN?

    Happy new year 2023. I have some friends with those pieces I can take them and send you photos. Can you send me any photos from your k98s bayos or at least tell me the constructor codes on? Thank you
  18. hanswolf1224


    i think it is a ww1 or post ww1-- 1920's officers musette
  19. hanswolf1224

    bronze tank badge

    thank you . i didn't get it after all.
  20. Richard Auld

    The German Tornister backpack

    Marvellous study Björn, I missed this. I have a few too that I can add if I find them.... Best Rich
  21. Richard Auld

    Anyone know what this Edelweiss pin is??

    I think a civilian souvenir badge, these sort of thing are still common for visitors to the mountain regions, similar to the metal badges that are for walking sticks or canes. Best Rich
  22. Richard Auld

    WW1 or WW2?

    Agree with above. Best Rich
  23. Richard Auld

    A rather abused Tornister

    love the stink bug!
  24. Richard Auld

    bronze tank badge

    I kind of like it, most good copies tend to be flat on the reverse but I must say I am not Mr Current Affairs so I would ask on WAF? Best Rich
  25. Richard Auld

    The BCN?

    Hi, welcome, I have K98s, I am focusing on Soldbucher, Wehrpass, Urkunde etc. if you find anything in that area I am willing to trade. Best Rich
  26. Richard Auld

    Hi to you all ! Sort of new to the site

    Who are those Land Rovers for or am I mistaken? Best Rich
  27. Richard Auld

    Luftwaffe Blue HBT Tropical Tunic

    My pal does , he has an extensive Lufty collection but I haven't seen him since Covid to be honest?
  28. Richard Auld

    Movie scene

    Sorry no idea?
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