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Badges Up for auction locally...


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Hiya, No idea where to put this, so here it is...:) These badges were taken into the auction house last week while I was there...they belong to an old chap who is going into a nursing home, and these along with his saxaphone are being auctioned on Weds night at Bonnybridge Auctions...I have no connection with said auction house, other than being a happy customer of theirs...:) You'll find them on FB or the t'internet for address and number..:) 


The old chap had collected them for many years, so, hopefully all original.





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1 hour ago, Fred Karno's Army said:

Well at first glance I would say a good half  are  Re strikes :|.

You reckon @Fred Karno's Army ?? ...  I'll nip up tomorrow, have a watch....the old lady did say they were "originals"...but, what would she know tbh...?? :) Just shows to go you....:S

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Guest Fred Karno's Army

Certainly,take pictures of the backs but at least 12 from the front you can see are duff and what about the staybrite and queens crown one @Norrie ;),never buy a story especially where monies involved.Could be perfectly true in the sense the guy was going out picking them up until he went in the nursing home,which could have been last week,or last year...who knows butifyou go on the basis prices of restrikes and put a bid in at that you will be safe,but don't be swept up by the 'bug' ;).

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