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Richard Auld

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Richard Auld


Wife had me out looking for furniture but I found these instead.

Not sure from when they date, could be first war too I suppose?

Like the field repair and the odd wooden inserts.

Marking on the heel plate is readable.










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Hi, Rich.
Nice score!
These are textbook german ww2 enlisted man's "Knobelbecher" or marching boots. A bit rough, but with a good cleaning and maybe some leather conditioner, they would be perfect for a combat uniform setup.
They are not ww1 issue.

The wooden inserts, or "shape keepers" do not originally belong to this kind of boots, but are mostly found with officers riding boots. These are private purchase items, and not found in any army issue lists. The wooden inserts came in many shapes and types of construction, the common  practice were that they were made to "wedge out" to keep the fit and shape of the boot-shaft, and sometimes also the the foot shape of the boot.

Anyway, your new boots are the real ww2 McCoy,  and as they look like they are in full original lenght/height, I'd be interested in knowing if there are any "cryptic" number- lines embedded in the upper parts of the shafts, either on the inside or the outside of the boots. (The numbers could show up during cleaning)
The embedded numbers in the metal heels would read something like (Hard to determine out of your pictures but) 18 R and 18 L (R=Rechts and L=Links - right and left ) There were different sizes on the heel irons, warying with the size or the sole-length of the boots.

I have done some research on the different types of german ww2 marching boots, and I will post a thread on my findings later on the forum.

Anyway, Congrats with your new boots,  @Richard Auld. Textbook marching boots are way harder to find than most people realize (most of the stuff showing up or sold as genuine examples are either post-war issue or of anything else but German heritage)


Best Regards


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Edited out spelling errors.
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Richard Auld

Hi Bjorn,

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Haven't seen any markings yet.

Kids are here now so it is bedelum here at the moment.

Will have a proper look when I get time.



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