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Items that belonged to a Frrench Monuments Man

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Hello all

First of all, I'm new here (and French) so sorry if I make some mistakes. I'm 25yo and come from South France.

I wished to present you a lot that I possess. These objects belonged to Major Eugene Bonzom. It contains:


- A Mein Kampf recovered, commented, and signed by him in Vienna in 1948

- 6 dated and annotated photos from 1938 to 1941

- 2 military cards/attestations edited in 1940

- A postal card written for his parents in 1940

- A Hermann Göring portrait (not signed)

- A Fold3 document copy


Major Bonzom commented on this book that it's a catch of war because Mein Kampf was strictly forbidden in France after WWII.

You can find more informations about him on the Fold3 and Monuments Men foundation of Dallas websites


I wish to settle in Canada or USA next year so I unfortunatly need funds and so I have to sell these items (that's a heartbreaking).

I helped, as much as I could, the Monuments Men foundation of Dallas to complete some informations about him (the profile picture came from my documents). They plan to open a new exhibition in January 2022 in the WWII National Museum of War in New Orleans.

I'm sure these items could belong to this Museum but I don't know who to contact specifically for it.

I wanted to propose them to auctions but it's very difficult to sell these kind of objects in France. And commission rates are too expensive elsewhere.

They've been valuated many times with different prices and motto, so I'm sorry if I can't help you to valuate them.



If you have suggestions, questions, informations, etc... I would be glad to hear them.






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Mike H

Jointi, Welcome and no worry about your English it is fine. Wish I could be more help, but paperwork I no little about. Hopefully someone comes along to help you find answers.

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Desert Rat

Hello Jointi,

Welcome to MCN, great to see your documents and Thanks for showing us on MCN. You have super paperwork and images there, but sorry/ desolate I can't give you any idea of the value.....and your English is much better than my French!!!!

Je visite Frejus dans Juli/ Aout pour mon vacance, je habite - La Pin de la Legue -pour 1-2 mois, je visite beacoup mes amis aussi la femme France....!!!

Image dans la disco...yyyyyeeeeehhhhhhh.......Je suis avec la Harley T-Shirt

Je collection la Maquis brassards, drapeaus, papiers, avis, affiche etc......VIVE LA MAQUIS....!!!

Bonne annee pour tu.......Desert Rat/ Ian


1236921_10151962947393939_1170452937_n (2).jpg

DSC_0012 (2).JPG



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Thank you for your welcome

I love your Frenglish that's cool to learn French 😉 I live not too far from Juan les Pins (Marseilles).

And thank you for your sharing too, beautiful collection of the Maquis!


I hope someone will help me to gather more informations about Major Bonzom, we were born in the same city. 

He seems to have had an interesting life even outside of the Monuments Men.


I stay tuned for any new information

Thanks all

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