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Spanish-American War chevrons


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Here is my meager collection of Span-Am era chevrons I thought I would share. These are really neat as they are done in the branch of service colors. These are huge in comparison to anything that was used after them. They are around 7 inches along the outside edge and around 9.5 inches from tip to tip across the top. All of the medical chevrons are a multi piece design. The three chevrons are one piece, the blue field above them another, in the case of those with the green cross it is another 2 pieces and the rocker on the last one is another. 

First up, Cavalry Lance Corporal. 1 piece with embroidered edging


Artillery Corporal 1 piece with embroidering


Acting Hospital Steward 3 pieces


Medical Department Sergeant 4 pieces


Medical Dept. Sergeant First Class? 5 pieces


This is the back showing the multi piece design


Thanks and enjoy,


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