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JM/BDM Medical group from Plauen

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hi folks,

here is a nice little group of documents that very hard to find!


Berechtigungs ausweis : issued to authorize her to wear the traditions arm badge (silver litze along the bottom of her triangle) to show pre 1933 membership. (before membership became compulsory)  she is a 12 year old !

Veranstaltungsring ausweis :  issued for membership of a cultural program , allowing youths to go to art museums , theaters etc , monthly dues were paid to allow her to go!

Gesundheitsdienst - Madel ausweis : issued for basic medical knowledge i am sure , its a later war piece with later standard NSDAP stamps, 1942 she was 21 year old!

wonder if she made it ?

guess we will never know but her documents are now safe and a keeper set for sure! :x








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