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Männer gegen Panzer


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A Very Good Film....My Dad was in the Western Desert, and his mates were drivers and crew in British tanks, they all knew the awesome power of the Afrika Korps 88mm tanks. He was a driver in a tank transporter, many were sent out in the same group after a tank battle and drove out into the desert to recover all the tanks he and his crew could find in 50+ degrees centigrade heat, terrible for them all. He told me the times he had to crawl inside the destroyed / knocked out tank...and to his shock and horror could see where the 88mm armour piercing shell had penetrated the thick steel but did not have to force to penetrate through the tanks metal the other side....hence the shell would spin around inside the British tank and absolutely decimate the men inside! He had to pick up the body parts and pass them to the men outside to put them into sacks....arms, legs, heads.....Winch with chains on the transporter, secure it and return to base, drop it off to be hosed out and cleaned of the blood and flesh left inside, repaired then ready for another action later....He never did recover very well from this, what he was ordered to do at 20 years old, and only told me when I was 13 years old(he went up through Sicily with Monty's 8th Army, across to Italy - headed for Rome and then suddenly recalled back to the UK to prepare for the D-Day Landings)...Then he broke down in tears and sobbed....!!!



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