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Flying DH Mosquito KA114

Mike Charlie November

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  • 2 weeks later...

I used to watch the Mossie flying out of Hatfield from Police HQ at Stanborough when I was doing my Firearms course, Whoever was flying it really put it through its paces, Power dives, loops, low level, it was a great sight to see it, and the sound of two Merlins in unison sent a shiver up your spine, at full throttle you had to see it to believe it, it would fly over HQs and do a victory roll, and there was,nt a copper who did,nt stop to watch it


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  • Major General

I used to work beside RollsRoyce in East Kilbride, near Glasgow.every summer a Spitfire from the BBMF would appear and do a flypast over the buildings and disappear over the horizon before banking and returning over the fields.I'd be working away when the Merlin would signal its arrival.quite a few of us would rush outside and stand in utter amazement and watch.it flew so low you could not only see the pilot, but the rivets on the underside and fuselage!

....and that sound! Once heard, never forgotten.the only thing I miss about that workplace!;)


as a postscript, the reason for the flypast was that the Spit's engine was refurbished and maintained by the R-R factory's machine shop, so this was a thank-you to the factory.we just got the benefit too! xD

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