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Desert Rat

Hello to you All,

I have just bought a WW1 German gas mask ans container.....it is made of a type of cotton / canvas type material for the face...can anyone help me as to what I can use on this to soften it up, as it's been stuffed into the original cannister for a long time and it very stiff to try and get it into the original shape to fit on the face

Do I use a / wax/ some type of oil to soften it and get it back into the original shape?

Also if any of you have or know anyone who can sell me the strap that goes attaches to the cannister and the spare plastic lenses in the original paper cases..Please send me a message and your price....Thanks!

If you know and can kindly assist...I, Thank You!

Best to you all....Desert Rat

PS...the images are nearly the original shape

It will be for sale soon on MCN and elsewhere

s-l1600 (1).jpg

s-l1600 (6).jpg

s-l1600 (9).jpg

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Ian, first off you really dont want to put any gasmask of wartime era on your face, the filters contain asbestos, its a real bad idea. secondly the "cloth" will have had something else added to it in order that no gas can be absorbed through the fibres, it could be a rubber type solution or something else, a gentle steam might help the reform the features, but to be honest I would leave it alone


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Desert Rat

Hello Dave,

Many, Many Thanks for your kind info.....I did not put it on my face (I completely forgot about the asbestos). But I may try a gentle steam to get it back in shape...but your advice is to leave it alone, which I will. What I have done is filled it gently with bubble wrap and this has expanded the face to a reasonable / original size. When I sell it I will send like this with the tin but very well packed.

Also I am trying to find a cannister cloth strap, if you happen to have or find one please send me your price etc.

Very best wishes....Ian/ Desert Rat

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