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1944 40mm Casing.


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Hi Guys...Got this at a car boot last week, and for the life of me, cannot understand why the primer is dated the year before the casing is dated..did they hold old new stock of such things?? .its a 40mm casing, and I really have no clue at all about it...any help, such as what would fire it...its rather shorter than my 40mm Bofors casing, unless its been cut down......??



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Hello Norrie,

Sorry cant help you at all with the markings....all I can see it that (as you know) British. Hope someone on MCN can assist you.

Best to you ......Ian

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  • Major General

Hiya Norrie,

It’s deffo cut down :(  As far the primer date,was indeed old stock. I’ve seen it before 


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