Thanks for the add

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Hi thanks for the add onto the site via invite from Andy 

I collect British Police Insignia post 1952 and British Police buttons all periods

I also collect some colonial police stuff.



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Police Collector

Welcome Steve.
Please post some pics of your collection.

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Hi there,

Well I am busy re carding my collection at the moment so here goes with a few random Forces St Helens, the full set I believe worn in the reign of EiiR.


The first Pattern South Wales Police worn at inception until the next pattern could be produced which is shown below. The top of the crown is I am told missing for a reason and I have quite a few of these over various forces. It is not accidental but deliberately removed by Masonic members to show their affiliation to other Masons.


The second pattern I do have the collar badges but cannot lay my hands on them....


Royal Botanic Gardens Police Kew London They also have a helmet plate......... outside my budget.......






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