My WW2 RAF Autograph Book.

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Hiya, I am the very proud owner of this RAF WW2 Autograph book...nothing special, but I think it may contain some special autographs, as I've already found a couple of Arsenal Players, managers, and England Football Team members in it...just have no clue how to decipher the looks like the owner "Kev" went to Germany too, their are some "germanic" German...LOL..tho, I've not bothered with pics of them....:)

Anyway, what I'm looking to find out is who the CO of RAF Henlow in 1945 was, the very first entry in the book, is the first one on the pics I've attached.. Laurie Scott and Jack Crayston are the two players I have found very easily...their is another from a Luton Town FC player, but hard to make the sig out...


Any help would be grand. :)














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Desert Rat

Hello Norrie,

This book is fantastic, many thanks for showing us.

When I was 13 years old (1963) - Jock Maitland ex Sabre pilot (Squadron Leader) during the Korean war, was the boss of - Biggin Hill Airport, with Roy Taylor. He had a very special day arranges just for all the Guinea Pig pilots, my Dad (Ronald Bridle was appointed as chief of security on the main entrance) was on the gate with me allowing entry ( I was 13 years old) they warned me of who I was about to meet on the entry gate, that these very special pilots had fought in "The Battle of Britain" and they would be disfigured, I really did not know what to expect at all...When they started to arrive and opened their car window....I was absolutely horrified as to what I saw...God it was with scarred faces, no ears, no noses just 2 holes, fingers burnt off, some with just stumps for hands, blind, one eye missing, jaws completely distorted from normal, broken faces, just one arm or just one hand...It shocked me to tears, my Dad came over and asked if I was Ok, i said NO Dad, this is breaking my heart to see these such Heroes having and still going through so much pain. He took over and I went into the hedge nearby and cried my eyes out. After all their Supreme Bravery and Courage, they were left as pieces of human beings...BUT, they were all happy smiling, polite and lovely people...these were from all nationalities ...British, South African, Polish, Canadian etc.....It was for me a heartfelt Pleasure to meet these Great Heroes from WW2...I met over 30 of the best Battle of Britain pilot's and many more . My Day was of the Greatest Memory for me, terribly sad as it was...I, Remember them all, at least 30 that I met as the Saviours of Britain...!!!

And as Winston Churchill stated.....


Yes they Were...The Very Few ....Left...We Remember You ALL...!!!

This was before the very first 1963  - Biggin Hill Airshow - the same year and ...Just to mention which many will not believe it, including my Dear Dad.......There were just five of us on the Main Gate...My Dad, Lady Maitland, George Smith (ex-Police) me, and (another lady I have forgotten her name) the end of the weekend sunday afternoon, Lady Maitland came up to me and commended me for such a good job I had done on collecting money as she herself was on the gate, offered me £5 or a free flight in a Lancaster Bomber, which was on show with Spitfires, Hurricanes, Typhoons, P51 Mustangs etc etc...what did this stupid pratt do....????? accepted the £5 and lost the only and ever chance I would have to fly in the most iconic and superb bomber that Roy Chadwick during WW2.....Had ever made!

I even now bitterly regret taking the £5......and lost my only least I met the bomber crew!!!

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