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FW 190 recovery and restoration


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Brilliant Video Val,

Thanks for the link, I would like to find one and dig it. I ve got a mate here in Edenbridge that has dug up Spits, Hurricanes and German planes in Kent shot down during the "Battle of Britain" ( he drove a digger for a War Group.) But I know where a V1 has crashed ( just a 10 minute drive from my house) I have seen the ironwork sticking out of the ground and the farmer saw it come down and explode...it killed some of his cows. May dig it in the Spring?

Best to you...Desert Rat/ Ian

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I'd love to dig a wartime wreck.....been on my bucket list for many years...tho, earlier this year, myself and a mate, recovered a rear wing and tailwheel from a Fairey Firefly MK1  that crashed onto a hill local to us in 1950..., the wing and other smaller wreckage ended up in the loch, about 2 miles from the aircrafts final resting place....and with the warm summer and the water levels going down, we saw it on the mud...so, decided to investigate..( It could only be reached by boat) Got it recovered, and its now safe., tho, my smaller garden shed is full of wreckage...SHE is not happy...LOL.:)

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Brilliant Norrie,

What super find...probably one in a million, but the excitement of digging it up piece by piece gives a great feeling!

Send us an image please....We look forward to seeing the parts.

Best wishes for the Festive Season...Ian

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Hello Norrie,

You know full well as I do....What woman is ever happy at our little collections, it all seems to them a waste of time  to them, but to us ...It's a great treasure...YYYYEEEEEHHHH   Keep Collecting!

Best to you....Desert Rat/ Ian

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