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Foreign volunteers and Ostvolker medals


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Foreign volunteers medals and photos. All shipping is by registered mail, payment via Paypal.

1. Ostvolker 1st class in Gold without Swords. The highest civic award any civilian could attain in the Reichskomissariat Ukraine, Belarus and Russland. Usually awarded to high ranking officials or city majors. The medal is in great condition, retains its color and comes with a case (those are much harder to come by) - 375$

2. Ostvolker 1st class in Silver with Swords. Second highest award designated for Eastern volunteers serving with the German army. To raise the volunteer morale, Germans allowed Ostvolker 1st class medals to be awarded to German cadre too, on condition that the German was already awarded with EK2. This specific medal was awarded to a German officer, indirect vet buy. - 250$

3. Miniature for Ostvolker 1-st class in Silver with Swords - 50$

4. Medal bar with EK2 ribbon and ribbon for Ostvolker 1-st class in Gold with Swords - 50$

5. Press photo of POA choir - clear view of officer boards and the first type embroidered POA shield - 40$

6. Large press photo of Cossack cavalry in Holland. The upper right corner has a stain - 15$

7. Modern photo with the autograph of the last Estonian Knight of the Iron Cross Harald Nugiseks. - 20$

8. A set of stamps for the French Legion in Wehrmacht - 15$

9. A French propaganda booklet "European Crusade against Bolshevism" - published for french volunteers, this booklet features rare photos of all other Western and Eastern volunteers. The booklet is bad condition, all pages are present but are separated - 20$

10. Latvian magazine "Laikmets" (Era) - with featured story and photos on the Latvian legion. Cover is showing the only Latvian general in Waffen SS, Rudolf Bangerskis. - 50$


Ostvolk 1st class Silver 1.jpg

Ostvolk 1st class silver 2.jpg

est 1.jpg

french legion stamps.jpg


POA choir a.jpg

POA choir b.jpg

french book1.jpg

french book4.jpg


Ostvolk 1st class Gold boxed 2.jpg

ost bar 2.jpg

ost mini 1.jpg

ost mini 2.jpg

Ostvolk 1st class Gold boxed 1.jpg

ost bar 1.jpg

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Hi Rich, if it is on the subject of foreign volunteers then potentially yes.  Feel free to pm me.  

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Ostvolker 1st class in Silver with Swords and  Miniature for Ostvolker are on hold. 

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