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Motorized infantry goggles


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Leo, as Gwar said, there were many variations.I believe that pilots goggles were also used , your pair seen to be a little worse for wear, ie some cracks appearing, and the material becoming fragile, you could try using a lanoline cream on the material that may help to soften them and preserve them or theres a product called Lord Sheratons leather balsam that would help and this does,nt harm the material

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As All stated above. Much of the equipment and gear used in N.Africa was a mix of continental and web gear. Some call anything web DAK but I prefer the term Tropical".  @leo0274 your goggles fit perfectly with a DAK/tropical or any display. I actually dont have a pair of this type right now, need to get some! 

@Gwar, some great displays there!

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