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Kevin B - If you don't already know me...


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First and Foremost, I am an enthusiastic collector and WWII obsessed (History in general)! As a U.S. Navy Veteran I enjoy collecting WWII Era Kriegsmarine Badges and more. I am also the owner of Operation Overlord Militaria - I don't consider myself a "Dealer" as I keep Inventory at a minimum and focus my efforts on adding to other's collections and not adding to my Wallet. I am known mostly on the Facebook side of things but decided to go old school website after pages and groups started being shut down. My reputation and the preservation of these Historical Relics is the utmost important thing to me. I love being a Curator of our History and have a sense of responsibility to do it! When it comes to selling I never swap passion for profit! My goal is to bring the feeling of joy to.others like I get when a new item arrives.



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Desert Rat

A Big Welcome to MCN....We all hope you enjoy this great website, and thanks for showing us some super items from your collection.


Best to you and for the Festive Season......Desert Rat

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Desert Rat

Hello( Kevin?) Overlord

Sorry it's been so long to answer you but what a wonderful collection you have with all the great memories with it......Thanks for sharing it on MCN with us all.

Best Wishes.....Stay safe....Desert Rat


Time to show us all on MCN...your new items from you superb collection.........Many Thanks......Ian/UK

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