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Collection of WW2 secret millitary manuals on small&heavy arms and explosives

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Hi I'm colt haren in north texas...I'm a gun broker by trade but a millitaria collector as a passion...I am doing some spring cleaning so to speak as I'm gonna be loosing alot of my storage abaility..I bought some items in denton texas recently that I'd never came across before in my collecting...its a collection of 14 ww2 period millitary fully inclusive technical manuals regarding everything from the 1911 a1 colt pistol..to the browning m2 machine gun..to studies on the use and effects of improvised explosives..all the way to english to German translation manuals...they are in great shape overall and no duplicates...most are marked on the cover either "secret" or "classified"...I've shown them to alot of other gun brokers I know and the gun guys all think they are super cool..the majority of the manuals concern infamous ww2 arms...but overall they cover a wide range of topics...theres 14 of them in total...some of the manuals include ....the 1911 a1..the browning m2 machine gun..the m1..the bar machine gun...millitary revolvers...spoken german..spoken spanish... report on protective measures against explosives..the .45 grease gun...browning 30 call m1917...reports on bomb shelter testing...troubleshooting common small arms malfunctions...fundamentals of shooting small arms...storage and use of batteries...and browning .30 call machine gun m1919...a couple have a small water stain or something but most are in very good shape...especially considering they appear to be printed on cheap recycled paper..wartime rationing I guess..ha...most date between 1942 and 1945 but some date as late as 1953...there are 14 total...I think they are very unique and cool as a gun guy and a ww2 collector but sadly have to downsize my collection quite a bit..I would realy like for another ww2 buff who appreciates how cool they are to have em...i have no idea what they are worth in the current market but i do know they have a strong upside which is why I bought em...and at one time were priced to sell as theres prices penciled in the inside covers ranging from $20 to $60....if you might be interested in owning them please contact colt at 9403919018...text is best...or email me at 68cougardriver@gmail.com and we can go from there...thanks for your time call have a realy cool forum here!


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