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Tank T-34 (1941) from Russia with love. For sale!

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Hello dear forum participants! I am from Russia, I work in one of the military parks. Now we are recycling exhibits. I offer for purchase a T-34 tank released in 1941. The tank is in good condition and has been on display since 1985. The transaction is concluded under a written contract. Delivery is made by a logistics company. The cost of 150 000 £ including delivery. Or tell a reasonable price or where you can find a buyer for it. It is a pity that my country does not protect its history properly.



t34-1024x682 (1).jpg



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Desert Rat

Hello Alex,

Thanks for showing us the Great T-34.......made in tens of thousands and with such brave crews hurtling into battle against the enemies tanks with 88mm guns.They won the Eastern battles right into the heart of Berlin, with such horrendous losses.

Yes I would love it in my garden......but I am sure your price is far more than I could ever afford.......Good Luck!

Best Wishes to you.....Desert Rat / Ian/ UK

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