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Old Compass unidentified


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Here i have an unidentified old compass that looks like it was worn around the neck. It says charter on the back and looks to have Spanish markings. Also looks like it may be bronze. If anyone has any ideas of when and where this came from, i would be excited to learn more about it.




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I don't think it is military. Country of origin must be a land that has West as a word that starts with O?

Not British or German, I don't speak any other languages. Can't see what they have for South as it is just out of shot.


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Hello Ultima,


Lovely item and thanks for showing us on MCN, I don't really know about this but to me it looks like late 19 century, could be French or Spanish???. 

But it's certainly worth getting it checked out with an authentic dealer, more so an honest antique expert......could be worth a lot of money? depending on age, if silver and if rare or very rare.......Please keep us informed on MCN how you  get on.

Best to you.......Desert Rat/ Ian

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