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Sterling L2A3 9mm Sub Machine Gun 34 round magazine


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Sterling 34 round

9mm magazine

Sterling 34 round 9mm magazine for the Sterling SMG.


£35 plus p&p by paypal as f&f



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I fired the Sterling in Germany years ago, I thought it was a good weapon, and not bad in being easy to handle, the Mag you have looks near new,thanks for showing it, it brings back some happy times

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Hello TheMad,

Thanks for showing your items on MCN...very nice condition. I have an original Sten mag here dropped to the SOE and FFI in the Ardeche in France by Parachute, like yours still in great condition

Best to you......Desert Rat

Image of me firing the "Live" Sten in France, found in  the roof of the FFI H.Q some years ago, as the farmer wanted a new roof.....and the builders found it...!

thumbnail_2007-11-08 08.16.00-2.jpg

thumbnail_2007-11-08 08.16.10-3.jpg

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