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Bowman Clansman Selex Prr Op Telic


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Guys what did the British use 2003 in Telic was the clansman still in use ? Or bowman believe selex was around 2004 onwards ?

cheers peeps 

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Hello Mate,

Sorry, now that something I really do not know anything about??? I am sure it's interesting but it has confused this old bast*****d.

Best to you....Ian

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We had Clansman 2003, when I went back on Telic 7, I was Bowman SST in Theatre Team leader trying work round the bag of ballhawks we rushed into service, with software drops and hardware fixes. 



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Cheers Richard I was there buddy but a PMC for the US DoD so our kit is unknown to me, I’m doing a couple of mannequins so want to get them right as I’ll be doing fundraising for Combat Stress. Much appreciated 🙏🏻👍🇬🇧.


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