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WW1 British Tank in Smolensk Russia

Peter Brown

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Found this among my collection of World War Two German photos. Often thought about why two German soldiers were having their photo taken by a WW1 British Tank. With the clue on the back of the photo roughly translated
'Memory of Smolensk in autumn 1942' and a goggle search, here is the answer.
Part of the Allied Expedition Force sent to assist anti-Bolshevik White forces in the Russian Civil War. The tanks were captured by the Red Army during the Civil War, and used by them in the 1920s. They were later left on the square in Smolensk and captured by the Wehrmacht during WW2
This link here http://www.archiv-akh.de/filme?utf-8=✓&q&cid&page=1#44
takes you to film footage of the 23 Inf. Div. 
1940/1941 in France and Russia. Forward to time 1:15:48:05 for film clip of the tanks.



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