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Theatres of War The Jap USN Training Film


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20211030_200946.thumb.jpg.cdc45ab64ab0367d6e275b5bde9bb846.jpg20211030_200946.thumb.jpg.cdc45ab64ab0367d6e275b5bde9bb846.jpg20211030_201244.thumb.jpg.1bee88cb2a725a8ee68a885c9074eb94.jpg20211030_201316.thumb.jpg.24cde0cef8c680bd842cbedfbbb0efb8.jpgI'm actually hoping for some help with this treasure.  I'm unable to find anything like it and am trying to sell.  USN Training Film, Unclassified, Theatres of War, The Jap, " His Honorable Self". SN 15**1

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