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Wehrpass help pls?

Alan Clark

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Been translating this Wehrpass and now struggling on some of the written notes and hope someone may be able to advice on them? He was a WW1 veteran who later served as a Lt in a construction Battalion. Would have served in France and later central Poland. Awarded KvK with swords, but surprisingly doesn’t state class? Any help on pages shown, very grateful. Thanks.






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Hi Alan,

Start with the easy stuff your red 3, that is basically his 50 RM payment for being released from service, 'entlassungsgeld in hohe RM 50 etc.' Some passes have this statement as a stamped paragraph that only needs dates and signature. Clue as well is the stamp with Stabszahlmeister or  HQ/Unit paymaster.

Red 5 for me is War merit cross with swords on 1,11,41. No stamp or seal but that is not uncommon.

Red 4 is his operational deployment page, First line Polish campaign on the home front (I think), second Polish campaign middle operational area, 3rd line operational area in the West, 4th line looks like Southern area of operations on the Western AO. 5th line looks like Operational area in the West (war against England).Last line Operational area East, IE Russia. 

Red 1 not getting it but the last bit could be 'in ordnungsdienst'

Red 2, sorry too hard to decipher. you could try Hucks on GMIC, he has a good eye!




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Thank you Rich, that’s very helpful as so difficult to read these pages. That’s great information for me to carry on looking into this. 👍🏻
Thanks Alan

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