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WW1 or WW2?


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We had always assumed this photo was of my grandfather b.1920. He wasn't an active soldier but we know he had army training and he served in the medical corps on board ship to Africa in 1940. 

I'm not sure if this photo instead is actually of his father who was a soldier in WW1.

Can anyone can help identify the date of this pic from the uniform please ?   Or indeed who would have worn this type of uniform ?

Any help greatly apprciated. Thanks. Graham


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Just now, Afrikakorpsrat64 said:

Im thinking post WW1 by the jacket/blouse. More WW2 era I think.

Most WW1 Uniforms had exposed Buttons on the pocket flaps.

It is possible his pockets are unbuttoned in photo though.


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Thank you for showing an interest and the useful comments.  I Think the badge on the cap is RAMC so as my grandad was in the Medical Corps I think it's safe to say it 's him. His father before him wasn't in the RAMC. 

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