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8th Army News WW2 - Rifle Brigade.


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Does anyone know of a collection of the 8th Army News? 

My Grandfather appeared in an edition once when, as part of Operation Market Garden. Was photographed handing out chocolate to children from his Bren Carrier. 

I would be really interested in seeking out if there is a collection of photos that were taken at the same time in case there are any others with my Grandfather in them. 

I have looked on-line but only come across the same one each time. 

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. 

I have attached the photo below for those interested. My Grandfather is the one sitting in the middle at the back with his goggles pulled up. 

I love this photo. 



Rifles in Holland.jpeg

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Cool family history, UK is the best place to find any history. Can't help, I'm in Germany....



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