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Can anyone tell me if this is real and if patches were ever sewed on square like this?


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I bought this 2nd pattern m40 overseas cap from a military collectibles store. I have not found a single period photo with the totenkopf sewed on square like this. It's boarder is always sewed around the skull. Could it be an original patch that was sewed on later or just a fake?20240215_080215.thumb.jpg.d57498ad06f3379809a073ea82d9d6b8.jpg I have found an image in a book of a camo field cap that was sewn on square like this, but not a period photo. The thread that sewed the patch to my example is black on the front of the patch, but the thread that comes out the other side on the back holding it on is closer to the color of the cap. Inside the cap is marked size 60, but no manufacturer.





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Actually there is a period photo of the camo cap with the square sewn on patch in the book also. Has anyone seen this on an m40?20240215_084526.thumb.jpg.050315e18504700c74e40273ebb9132e.jpg

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I haven't had much SS stuff in the hand, yes I see the pictures but if I had a hat that needed to be rebadged then this would would be the simplest way to do it?

Also it would disguise a KM hat , which has a very similar cut to the SS? Are there any SS markings inside the hat?

My glass is always 1/2 empty until proven otherwise.



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Thanks for the reply.

The only marking that I could see inside the cap was the size. I can take a closer look later.

These are some images that I have already taken of the inside.

Under a black light there is no shine on any part of the cap. Even the white parts of the insignia are completely dull under a black light.

It seems like someone sewed original insignia on an original/reproduction cap later on (perhaps a KM hat like you mentioned).

I haven't done the black light on the inside of the cap. From the images of totenkopf that I have looked at online it seems like there are a few different variants so it's hard to compare with others without some more experience.

I'm not necessarily looking for reassurance that it is real. I just want to accurately identify the cap. So appreciate the honesty. 






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Yes, its difficult, I'm sorry I can't help any more. Don't rely on the black light as a positive, I have lots of period material and thread that I have found over the years. I use it to detect post war material but that does not mean everything is 100%, it is a good sign but 'half empty'! Can you reach out to any 'experts' on the more main stream fora? You could try WAF, WRF etc?

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What is WAF & WRF? Different forums or different topics on this forum? I've never tried to get on any collector or history forums before this.

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Wehrmacht Awards Forum, watch out though there are a lot of sharks on there, I am banned under the same name I use here.

War Relics Forum, a lot of decent people on it but I am also banned there too.

Gentlemans Military Interest Club GIMIC, and lastly recently banned from there too so your on your own on these fora, there is a lot of good information on them but there is a lot of crap and fraudsters.

Good luck!



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