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Mint German Gas Mask

Manu Della Valle

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Manu Della Valle

Great example of Early-War near-mint,sort of un-issued German Gas Mask.To be considered "factory-fresh" it only lacks the carboard box into which they were issued.There are pictures of wooden box containing several masks with accessories and ancillaries but they were used at unit-level to carry the masks.
This mask still has its paper tag attached but I don't know whether the name written on it itì's the owner's or the inspector's.
Anyway,it's unbelievably un-touched and un-messed with.The Fe-37 Filter's still sealed by its bakelite-covered screw-on cap and it's been put in the box with the mask a few days before the outbreak of WW2.
It's size "2" is ink-stamped on the lid with a fabric tampon and this tamp is seldom seen on surviving cans. 
I'm attaching detailed pictures and hope Lenny won't get pissed off at me for using too much bandwidth! 






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  • Major General

I thought I had some nice masks and tins, but that's the nicest.And as Lenny says, post away, don't think anyone could tire of seeing such quality gear...:P

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