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  • Field Marshall

Ok, it's time to start inviting everybody. I'll hold off approving their memberships for a day or so, just so I'm happy everything is working ok, but we can't wait forever.


Here's the blurb I posted on the MCN Facebook page, feel free to copy and paste it to every Militaria or history contact you know. If you are admin in a group, maybe post there too? Even if the MCN become a place to regroup after FB deletes a group, it'll be worthwhile... 


Can you feel the excitement building? The relaunched MCN web forum is nearly finished its beta testing. Should be live any day now. To beat the rush, you can pre-register NOW!   Just head along to the website and register, your membership will be approved in a few days. Trust me on this, it's looking fantastic. You'll be outwith the whims of FB Admin, no worries the group will disappear, and you know that it will be a proper archive. Things disappear off FB without many seeing them. No more worrying that they'll ban firearm or ordnance sales etc. 


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  • Field Marshall

You see, I'm soooo busy making this the best place for Militaria collectors, I have to have a King Rib supper delivered to my desk... ;)


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