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    my Torn. E. b full function with inverter b or c ( Weschselrichter b oder c)
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    Hello all, Added this beauty to the collection last week. It was a local find (Canada) & I must admit I was mighty happy to add it to my ever growing optics collection. One prism set it held in by spring loaded pins, you can easily pull it out. The other is held by pins that you need to manually retract before you can pull the prism out of the main body. The prisms are made a very thin Bakelite & I could see how they would not survive very long if mishandled etc. If I dropped it on the floor the prisms would undoubtedly be smashed. They are just mirrors so no magnification when looking through just a center pin & a line through the center of the glass. I assume to help you aim when driving etc. This was not used as s gun sight I’m going to make a display stand for it so I will display nice & be safe. Does anyone have any detailed pics of this in use, I would be interesting to see this in period pictures other than the one below.
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    I agree 100% Alperator that is a killer set up. Great to see all the accessories etc in place & hooked up. This is why I love collecting tech....its more that just a display. You can get it working & actually use it! Glen
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    I remember stumbling across these photos on the web a few years ago & thinking how fascinating this tech was/is. As an optics collection this equipment would be one hell of a coup to have in your collection! the Allies must have been blown over when they captured this equipment & started studying it in detail. Glen
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    @Whsammler - This is Jagdpanzer IV periskop (Winkelspiegel). Is this the same?
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    Great Image Val, Thanks for showing us, now I can see exactly what the object is and where on the tank. Best to you ....Desert Rat
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    D.R. I have a fair amount of stuff to show. Still waiting on the German Optics & Equipment sub section so that I can post in a dedicated section. I will dig up some more of my Panzer related items & post them in the panzer section this week. Glen
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    Val, That is 100% the item in question. Thanks for posting that picture....you sir are a champ!!! Im trying to come up with some sort of display stand for it so I can put it safely in my optics cabinet, & this give me some good ideas. Watch this space for updates in the new year as im off on holidays to New Zealand soon. Glen
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    "After a few bottles of vodka it started cursing in plain Russian and gave us all the Russian's position and even draw a map"
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    Well Done Norrie....Superb, Fantastic Items.....Lucky Man! Thanks for showing us, but I love the (bush) hat...Lovely original condition Hope all is well....Best to you & your family Desert Rat...Ian
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    We still have a December so here's the picture for caption competition. @Lenny, move it to the right place
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    The items just arrived this afternoon Ian...The hat is gorgeous, dated 1942, the Pilots Plotter is from the Cold War Era....seemingly, worn on the leg of a Fighter Interceptor aircraft Pilot..be it a Hunter or EE Lightning.....its in amazing condition...the seller chucked in a few WW2 Dated East Asia Command Phoenix magazines as well...he says they came with the RAF Bush hat...from someone who served in India during WW2....:) Not a bad buy for just over £20 inc postage...:)
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    LA6NCA's Hellschreiber video. https://youtu.be/Rs4YZv6s70g
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    Gents, Thanks for the reply. I belive that once the optics section is up & I start posting & putting the word out to my fellow optics collectors we will get some traction. We could start with a catch all Optics forum but it would be nice to have sub forums for different nations, periods,ect & an accessories section. As soon as it’s up & running I will start posting. 🤓 Glen.
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    Hi @Whsammler, of course, happy to add that section. My only worry is that we're not getting much traffic, people seem to not be botghered about using the forum, which is sad..
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    Superb Norrie, I dont know how you do it, dont ever seem to come my way, but very good luck to you, fantastic image and thanks for showing us. Looking forward to seeing your next - Super Buy! Very Best to you.....Ian
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    The Italian Job - Michael Caine saying - "You are only supposed the blow the bloody doors off!"
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    "Better to Sacrifice than Surrender"......Unknown film (I cannot remember the film?)
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    "It's the old grey haired Generals, that send young boys off to War...to die!" Unknown old film
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