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    Hi everyone! My name is Jeffrey Shaw. I am a lifelong MIlitaria collector. My father was a Miltaria collector. He passed away in 2009 and I inherited his collection. His collection was mainly the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. My collection ranges from the Revolutionary age through to Modern current day Military. I have around 150 knives and bayonets. United States uniforms from WWI to current. Many period uniform Patches, insignia and personal items. I have been going to a event in Reading , Pennsylvania for 23 years called the WWII weekend. It is a massive event with around 2000 worldwide re-enactors , armor, vehicles, Aircraft and most importantly WWII veterans . My family has met so many veterans and heros which brings me to my collection of photos with their signatures. I am passionate about history . I am honored to be a member of this group
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    http://overlordshow.co.uk/ Happens every year from 4-6th ( this year 2016 28th-30th May BankHoliday) June in Denmead Hampshire. Lots of stuff to see Reenactors, traders vehicles etc.
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    Saw this on a site for a long time. Thought it was a re-painted Torn.Fu.d2 antenna. Then looked closer and it's the antenna for my Lo1UK35 I've been looking for with one section.
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    4,8 NC 5 NI -Cd battery it's used with old lisprechgeraet 80, some optical device i guess and also it can be used with enigma machine as outside batterie
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    Ask from the seller detailed pictures and create separate thread, it's easy.
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    Thanks Tony, Look forward to seeing in this great item, when all finished by you. Very Best to you...Ian
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    Hello Tony, I send my sincere thoughts to you about the sad loss of Gary..Unexpected, too soon and You All Miss Him as a Good Friend! Sorry, I cant help with this as my knowledge is not of this kind.....Only the French Resistance and agents of the SOE. Best to you....Ian
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    This is very sad news indeed. RIP my friend. Heia Safari!
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    Good One Tony, If we can all make a little donation....we will keep it going! Best to you...Ian
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    Hi folks and thanks for letting me in! Some of you may know me already - the „Fernmeldefritze“ from Germany 😉✌🏼 Collector, Reenactor and history guide when you come to Hürtgenwald area... Once active, I served in the 8th GebDiv of the Bundeswehr back in the 80th... Compared to many others active here, my collection is still to be considered as „small“ - if you want, I‘ve tried to keep it in the range of being able to set it up as a radio station during shows and events... Stay tuned for pictures and stories! Cheers Fritze
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    Hi there guys, Even after pushing the forum around over 27K members on our Facebook groups, virtually no-one has returned here to chat/discuss/take part here on the forum. Facebook is just so much more convenient, just really can't justify the continual payment for this forum. I upgraded all the licences recently but as I sit here typing this, I wonder why I bothered. There's loads of great discussions taking place and militaria being shown off on the FB group, so I'd encourage you all to visit it and have a look... Even if your not on FB, it's worth joining up just for the MCN groups. Main Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/Milcol/ Sales/Trades/Wants https://www.facebook.com/groups/MCN.the.militaria.shop/
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    It's all good, nothing aimed at you.
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    Sorry Dave and Lenny, Didn't mean at all to be so stupid and mention about the remarks previously made, I have removed them, I should have known better by now!!! My apology....Ian
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    Well Hello to You Both,..Lenny & Dave, Sorry it's been a long time for me to get on here but I am travelling around France and visiting many places so havent been on for a long time and no bloody decent wi-fi anywhere...as you know! As for Bills remark.....Not good if you don't like it then time for you to seriously think about what MCN has done for you...Like it and appreciate it or GO! Well, sorry moving on now to another place in France. I, wish you all well and a sincere thank you to Lenny, Dave and the others who have and do support you all at MCN...! Best Wishes...Desert Rat
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    Lenny, I would,nt bother mate , The meaning of capricious "Given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behaviour " ( A capricious and often brutal administration) which does,nt apply here. Fickle, inconsistant,Changeable, unstable,mecurial, volatile,erratic,vacillating, irregular ,fitful,arbitary.... Does that remind you of somebody , I would say that people in glass houses should,nt throw stones, what say you mate???
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    http://www.edenbridgetown.com/World_War_one_commemoration_2014_2018/index.shtml Please read my own written account of some of the Battles of WW1........Thank You! ALL IMAGES SOLE COPYRIGHT IAN R. BRIDLE www.edenbridgetown.com 1/ MEMORIAL TO THE SCOTTISH AT HAWTHORN CRATER (JULY 1ST 1916-SOMME) 2/ BRITISH "TOFFEE APPLE" GRENADE 3/ DEMARCATION STONE - SCATTERED ALL ALONG THE WESTERN FRONT 4/ FORT DOUAUMONT - ARTILLERY GUNS CUPOLAS
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    We Will Remember them...! Theipval Memorial to the Missing (Copyright Ian R Bridle - www.edenbridgetown.com)
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    WOW!..........I would love to have this in my garden......or fix on the house roof! Fantastic and Very Well Done! Best to You...Ian
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    Hi @Martin Taylor, I thought it was and I went to that shoe quite a few times until they changed it's location. D
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    Hi guys, not good news I'm afraid. It's a fake. It bears a faint resemblance to an original Assmann skull but that's about it.
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    I would say that it is a well made repro, but what the other person said makes no sense to me,just because its well made it has to be a fake????these were extremely well made as they had to pass RZM inspection, but I thought that most if not all had a makers name as well as an RZM mark. Your,s has very large pins , which I always thought was a giveaway. One person who would know for sure is BenVK, he,s used to applying originals to caps and repairing SS headware, I,ll message him , ask him to have a look
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    It's been produced by ICI Farbe in Koln!