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    Hi Team. Long time since I visited but life tends to get in the way of a good time. Here's some of my matched belt sets which are not on mannequins set up in 'The Sandpit'. Enjoy! Mark.
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    Most of face book is taken up with "Is this Real", "How Much is it Worth" and you can spend hours doing other`s work for them, So maybe a proper forum would work thats not a pack of yes men
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    Here are some photos of a very interesting Soldbuch along with associated paperwork in my collection that once belonged to Erich Berger an Obergefreiter in Stab Nachschub Kolonne Abteilung 909 Afrika. The supply column was formed on 25 May 1941 at Wehrkreis III [Berlin area] and sent to Africa. Die Nachschub-Kolonnen-Abteilung 909 wurde am 25. Mai 1941 im Wehrkreis III als Personal-Abteilung mit sechs großen Kraftwagen-Kolonnen als Heerestruppe aufgestellt. Die Abteilung verlegte nach Afrika, wo sie mit Beute-Kfz ausgestattet wurde und unterstand im September 1941 dem Kommandeur der Armee-Nachschubtruppen 585 bei der Panzergruppe Afrika. Sie gliederte sich zu diesem Zeitpunkt in: 1. große Kraftwagenkolonne 60 t 2. große Kraftwagenkolonne 60 t 3. große Kraftwagenkolonne 60 t 4. große Kraftwagenkolonne 60 t 5. große Kraftwagenkolonne 60 t 6. große Kraftwagenkolonne 60 t 7. große Kraftwagen-Kolonne für Betriebsstoff Kraftwagen-Werkstattzug Im Mai 1943 wurde die Abteilung in Tunis vernichtet. [Lexikon de Wehrmacht] D
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    Hi everyone! My name is Jeffrey Shaw. I am a lifelong MIlitaria collector. My father was a Miltaria collector. He passed away in 2009 and I inherited his collection. His collection was mainly the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. My collection ranges from the Revolutionary age through to Modern current day Military. I have around 150 knives and bayonets. United States uniforms from WWI to current. Many period uniform Patches, insignia and personal items. I have been going to a event in Reading , Pennsylvania for 23 years called the WWII weekend. It is a massive event with around 2000 worldwide re-enactors , armor, vehicles, Aircraft and most importantly WWII veterans . My family has met so many veterans and heros which brings me to my collection of photos with their signatures. I am passionate about history . I am honored to be a member of this group
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    Hi Guys, well actually it's snowing quite heavily believe it or not. Been around for a while, 51 now, cemi retired living in Bergen by Belsen Germany, ex 7 Bde. Collect German WW2 but take anything in a job lot as it comes. Prefer to swap stuff, that way it usually gets to a collector rather than a dealer or flip artist. Not really been doing much lately, busy with work and my wifes small business. Intend to get amongst it later this year when we have consolidated our new house and shop. Look forward to being a member here. Best Rich
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    Another display shot during one of the best events I've ever joined in the Ardennes... Theme: Runsted offensive, what else 😁 Me carrying the TornFuG - same event... Connection to Habicht was rather bad that day most likely due to weather conditions, but we managed to keep the communication up! ✌️ and last but not least for today another Maginot line event running wired and wireless comms in parallel... So it does not get boring having front line calling for a pizza etc.
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    Hiya, I had a tanker job in a recycling centre last week, the sort of place where all the rubbish is sorted, bins, skips, etc etc...anyway, got chatting to one of the guys, and he tells me, he saved a compass off the belt heading to the scrap metal skip, and would I like to see it...?? Would I ?? Geez, yes please.. Anyway, long story short...I bought it off him , for the price of a drink... Pics below...:) WW1 Verners Compass and case, made by E.Koehn in Geneva, case dated to 1916, compass to 1917.. How the hell anyone can throw things like this out is beyond me...is it a reflection of life nowadays ??
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    Hi @Whsammler, of course, happy to add that section. My only worry is that we're not getting much traffic, people seem to not be botghered about using the forum, which is sad..
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    "Karl, we might be brothers, but the next time the Sergeant Major asks if there were any pedlars before the war, keep your bloody mouth shut!!!!!!!"
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    I am registered, but only for 2 weeks or so. @val: what list would you like to see? I don't get it very clear... Early ones? Rare makers? Else? Some special FF33 specimen will be presented in my upcoming book. For today here is an FF33 made by Siemens in 1962/63: Regards: Csaba
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    Indeed, FB was good whilst it lasted.. Here’s what I wrote on the FB group... The Grenades and Ordnance Group just got taken down by FB. Sorry to see the group fall, but as I’ve said before, FB don’t want ordnance on their network. It’s their network, their rules. FB don’t want any militaria groups, they more or less told me that when I was picked to beta test the paid for subscription groups. I’m a member of a Facebook Power Admin Group, a Group run by FB staff and invite only. I applied for beta testing, was accepted and eventually got dropped when they realised the groups I ran. As I’ve also said before, the original MCN web forum is there for all, it has lots of different areas, buy/sell and runs the best forum software, the best servers and the best features. It runs great on mobiles too... Of course FB is convenient, but militaria has no future on FB... MeWe is a waste of time, nobody on it, doesn’t have the advantages of FB. WAF is stagnating due to lack of investment, etc. MCN is free, it’s there even as a regrouping area. I believe this group is the best on FB, if they close it, it will be a travesty, BUT FB may take us down, we are all on borrowed time here. Can I ask you all to join our web forum, even if you rarely use it, you can visit to keep up to date if this group is taken down. I’m serious, militaria on FB has no future. The MCN web forum is here to stay. We are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the MCN. It was there before FB and it will be there after FB is just a faded memory. https://www.militariacollectors.network/forums/
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    This set could and would have been "one in a million",since the MP40 and pouches (with full mags) had been together since the War and belonged to an Italian Army General who had the lot in his collection of military weapons;only a handful of people have such a license in Italy and they are no more than ten/twenty individuals IIRC. Upon his death his wife couldn't keep the collection and the lot was consigned by the authorities to a friend who owned a small weapons factory where the MP was consequently liberally "castrated" (read butchered!)to render it legal....barrel holed and filled with a rod,the disassembling knob under the receiver and the extractor were welded and the bolt could stay back only by engaging the safety,but at least he has made a clean job on a matching number early MP40. The magazines became part of the factory inventory(they couldn't be detained by civilians at that time!) and instead of butchering the six of them my friend kept five in his own mouth-watering collection and welded the follower of the one that came with the MP.He’d have “demil’d” the other five but they got lost in the warehouse. I managed and get the original pouches (run of the mill "clg"s) with the mag loader though,and that sort of compensated for the butchering!😅
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    The Feldfunksprecher c was developed in parallel with the Feldfunksprecher b (see here) and was introduced in 1941: A quick look at the schematic shows that the only electronic differences between the b and c versions are the values of coils L1, L2 and L3: With these different coils, the Feldfunkspecher.c (Feldfu.c) operated from 130 to 160 MHz, which partially overlaps with the FuSp.a.1. Despite the overlap, new channel numbers 181 to 210 were assigned to the Feldfu.c. Note: the "c" channel numbers sit under the "b" channel numbers, despite the frequency being higher; the channel number of both b and c were chosen just above those of the Fusp.a.1 (151-178), making is clear that the new Feldfu.b and c models were never intended to be used together with the FuSp.a.1. The higher frequency pushed the design limits of the valves, as a result the power output of the Feldfu.c was considerable smaller than that of the "b" model. The range of the Feldfu.c was about 500 meters, less than half that of the "b" model. Externally, there is very little to differentiate the Feldfu.b and c models: Apart from the type plate and the frequency dial numbers, the two radios are identical. A few small differences become apparent if top of the boxes are observed: The Feldfu.c box would have been painted with the "Feldfu.c legend like on the Feldfu.b; unfortunately most of the paintwork has disappeared from the external box of the Feldfu.c. What does remain however are the feeler shapes. Whereas the Feldfu.b has a single red dot, the Feldfu.c has two green dots. (the feeler shapes allow the two radios to be recognised by touch in the dark). A Wider view shows that the green colour coding was also used for the antenna: Because the Frequency of the Feldfu.c was higher, the antenna length could be shorter, the next two pictures show the differences between the Feldfu.b and Feldfu.c antenna: The Feldfu.c has a two part antenna, with a shorter bottom rod and a whip top section. The two sections were kept together with a short leather retaining strap. The green code would furthermore be used to paint a green dot on the rear cover of the radio. Like on the early Feldfu.b, the early type of rear lid (with a simple hinge and storage compartment legend) was used: Production of the Feldfu.c was relatively short-lived, so all Feldfu.c's have the early thin rim boxes: We now have some evidence of a foldable antenna for the Feldfu.c as well. It is likely that production of the Feldfu.c was halted somewhere in 1942 before the new antenna was introduced in 1943, so the new foldable antennas were probably used as replacement items. Like all Feldfu models, the Feldfu.c came with a full set of accessories: Note that the above photograph shows the later foldable antenna of the Feldfu.b, the other accessories are identical. Likewise the Feldfu.c had provisions to attach the A-frame to the back of the radio (identical to to the Feldfu.b setup shown below): The early discontinuation of the Feldfu.c shows that it was not deemed a great success, probably due to it's limited range of 500 meters. Although I have not uncovered any hard evidence, it is thought that the Feldfu.c model was developed for the Sturmpioniere. During the Blitzkrieg campaign these troops played an important role in cracking the Maginot line and other defensive positions of the Western allies. Fighting in a relatively compact operational area the limited range of the Feldfu.c would be less of a handicap, while the close proximity of supporting infantry units required a separate frequency band to avoid overcrowding of the radio waves. The tactical requirements however evolved rapidly; by the time of operation Barbarossa in 1941 the short range would have rendered the Feldfu.c pretty much useless. It is likely that soon after its introduction the Feldfu.c, like the Fusp.a.1 before it, was relegated to second line duty. Due to the limited production run, the Feldfu.c is considerably rarer than the Feldfu.b
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    here some pictures from the book "Blitzmädchen - Helferinnen der Wehrmacht" (Lightning Girl - Helpers of the Wehrmacht)
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    One other IMHO important link. http://der-fernmelder.de/ Greetings. ezesar
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    Well, here we are (famous words of Ike on the eve of D-day....), a new start. Lets see how this works: Can you see any communications equipment? regards, Funksammler
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    Get Well Monty, he looks a beautiful cat....I know how you feel Tony, this is an image of my dear siamese- Misty- before she died, trying to walk up the garden for a cuddle, she slept with me that night and I cuddled her..she died during the night, she wanted to be with me. I wish Humans could be so faithful, loyal and loving as animals (cats) Ian
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    Agreed. I’ll make all forums visible, but you need to register to comment. Hold on, just in from the fishing..
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    Hi a Lenny I have been following along with the little saga on Facebook mate and I think you got the shaft as it were ...A friend and fellow collector in one of the helmet forums I help admin just got banished for 30 days as well not positive about all the details but I here through the grapevine it was related to the sell of Third Reich Items ...I do not post much anymore on FB but keep a pretty advanced personal album of my helmet collection on my home page I for one would be willing to give the MCN another go.. Kind Regards Mark
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    Guys, I supoose this is the place for these, out of an old house today, a contact of my wifes, she is doing some painting work for her. Rich
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    Hello to you all! I'm here at last thank you Desert Rat and the admin team. I have been in the wings for about three months...just making my point..I'm here and not gone else where. Why ? Well because I have been around collecting since the 80s .I have run a society and know how hard it is..to maintain momentum...All pre internet days...As to the question why did I not go to another place..eady really.. I like you lot..!!! You have interesting bits and Bob's as well as some stunning items. Ian thank you for your intercesdence .lol All the above points are all relevant..use it or loose it sums it up totally....I will be pinging some pics and info about odd bits.. very soon to add my penny worth....I would add as said above ...no one on here will judge a fellow member ...the spoon article says a million things ...its not posh orarm candy but it's a story...so any thing no matter what will be of interest to fellow members not just the glory items...my comment is aimed at new comers and newbies be proud if your recent purchase don't be shy just because you feel it's not sexy lol..it is your pride and joy ....show us and a final note ..everyone has questions ...and I already see from reading on here there are experts who will be and are happy to help with an option or help and advice ...Some come out from where ever you are...Highlander.
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    Hi All Something for the Optics forum. My interest is in the basic binoculars, primarily Zeiss 6x30 & the late (short serial) 7x50. Here's my 6x30..
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    First proper ( decent weather) car boot of the year for me today...picked up a couple of decent things too. 1..After being told by my mate Paul, a WW1 Private Purchase Officers Valice, named to a Capt G B Hill, of the 4th B York and Lancs Regt, and in great condition. Inside the valice is ( as I was told) a hand tool for plaiting a horses mane or tail, also in superb condition..anyone any idea how I would find out some info on the officer that owned it..I have tried, but to no avail...TIA. 2..A pair of 1941 stamped British army issue snow shoes....the front used to have a "ski" of sorts but these have been removed many years ago, probs by the original owner...am trying to find out who actually made these...they are stamped P&S ltd 1941, with the Crows foot stamp too..:) Got a few other more modern things too today at the same boot sale, but these are the two star items I bought...:)
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    First identified by us on the WAF, subsequently sold to Bletchley. We always knew it was a special one... regards, Funksammler
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    Done my bit a few weeks back now Lenny.. Regards Mark
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    Some artillery action
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    Been a couple years now but I found these 2 at a coin shop, store owner said they came in a box of coins he got at an estate sale, he told me to make him an offer and I did and he excepted. New York State Veterans Medal and Frances Croix de Guerre, 1914-1918.
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    I can't remember exactly which photographs I used in the WAF thread, so I will post the ones showing the "Abgesetzte Antenne". regards, Funksammler
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    Hello all, Added this beauty to the collection last week. It was a local find (Canada) & I must admit I was mighty happy to add it to my ever growing optics collection. One prism set it held in by spring loaded pins, you can easily pull it out. The other is held by pins that you need to manually retract before you can pull the prism out of the main body. The prisms are made a very thin Bakelite & I could see how they would not survive very long if mishandled etc. If I dropped it on the floor the prisms would undoubtedly be smashed. They are just mirrors so no magnification when looking through just a center pin & a line through the center of the glass. I assume to help you aim when driving etc. This was not used as s gun sight I’m going to make a display stand for it so I will display nice & be safe. Does anyone have any detailed pics of this in use, I would be interesting to see this in period pictures other than the one below.
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    my Torn. E. b full function with inverter b or c ( Weschselrichter b oder c)
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    @ Val - I operated the EW. b for approx. 1.5 h with the battery 2 V 10 AH, no problem. Then I switched off, I did not want to load the chopper cartridge (Zerhackerpatrone) too long.
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    I agree 100% Alperator that is a killer set up. Great to see all the accessories etc in place & hooked up. This is why I love collecting tech....its more that just a display. You can get it working & actually use it! Glen
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    @Whsammler - This is Jagdpanzer IV periskop (Winkelspiegel). Is this the same?
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    Just got in another Tropenhelm for the collection. I love these 1st pattern helmets, even a beat up salty one like this. Price was right. I also wanted it as it had a blue tint to it in the postings so I gambled on it being one of the rare blue ones, but its just grubby, but that's fine. No maker mark on this one. Nice size though and shows alot of use which I like. The been there look.
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    Hi all I collect South African WW11 Insignia although my main focus at the moment is British Police Insignia. My latest acquisition is the attached title worn by medical staff on the single SA Staffed Hospital Ship. Steve
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    The next edition of this LARGE show is taking place on the 28th of October. Its worth a visit imo.
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    I don't think myself as a collector per say. More like a caretaker. Most of my stuff has been found items or small purchases at sales where the person either has no knowledge of what they have. I see history that is being forgotten by all but a few. I guess that is in the grand scheme of those who strive to re-write the past. My prize is a IJN torpedo gyroscope and prop that a ww2 sailor brought home . His family was sending him to a nursing home and I was called to haul away unwanted items. He told his son he wanted him to keep it,but the son said he didn't want any junk. That probably took another 10 years off his life. Mad,he ask me if I was a vet. And offered it to me.I saw how much it meant to him . Clearly his days aboard the USS Baltimore fearing Japan torps. was still in his mind. Other items I keep for the practibility. My 10 buck squad stove is used regularly as is wool sleeping bag. Some things I can't pass up ,need or not. That's how I got my m1c helmet recently. Heads up-That will probably get posted for sale on site in future. I'm 56 years old and hail from Xenia,Ohio. Served as Combat Engineer in US Army Currently Commercial Truck Driver. I enjoy all history about armed conflicts.
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    WOW....!!! What can I say absolutely fantastic collectables and to actually have them in your possession must be truly great! Thanks very much for showing us....Desert Rat/ Ian
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    As requested.. Let me know how you want this to be sub-forum'ed.
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    it’s a vhf transceiver 37,5 to 46,2 mhz tubes : 2 x KDD1 and 2 DF25 power output is 1 watt A3 mode = voice accessories are one mike with 2 prongs connectors and one headphone with a 3 prongs connector like nearly on each marine set , lower part part of set is for batteries This set is in grey marine color , we see 2 marks one round one where it’s written kriegsmarine , and a small one a M. i have read in trenkle that the set is instable and unsatisfactory for any use. I don’t know where it’s used , may be for harbour ships like tugs , or fisher ship, i know they are used for recovering pilots shot down at sea. I know it because there is in one notice an antenna for a one watt set, on board fishing ships from 17V.P Flotille , it’s mentionned but without set name so it can be also from LO 1 uk 35 also one watt., antenna strahler is 1,67 m and placed on top of mast at 13 meter above main deck. now the pictures of set
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    As a former Police officer, this should be a good sub forum for uniforms from all counties/Cities in the UK
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    Hi Funksammler. I´m agree with you that main interest in this section could be WW2 german equipment but I suggest that there could be opened new subforums under the generic "other nations" to post comms items not included in WW2 era, where it could be included comms sections of other nations. My collection is mainly focused in Line Communications employed by Spanish armed forces along 20th century ( my older item is from the beginning of century) but having suffered a Civil war in 1936-39, there is a lot of stuff from other countries like Germany, USSR, France, UK, USA, Belgium, Italy and others and It could be posted in this sections. Greetings from Spain. ezesar.
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    Hello to you All, Let's try again with D-Day - Thanks for looking! Best to you all at MCN.....Ian/ Desert Rat All images are sole copyright of Ian R Bridle www.edenbridgetown.com
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    These are known in the Canadian Service as the Helmet, Crash,Motor Cyclist Steel or A 15550 it is sporting a Canadian late war knotted two tone net and a set of Resistal Goggles which are WW II period correct and have been added for the purpose of display. The helmet body and liner are both dated 1944 the shell is a Mk I steel N# 3 and was manufactured by The Canadian Motorlamp Co. and is marked C.L./C. 1944 with the capital letter S impressed in the rear of the shell denoting the size as a small the shell is painted matt khaki green #3 which is correct according to the First Army Routine Order of the 27 July 1941... The liner is in very decent condition showing little to no wear and only has a few small blemishes do to storage the sorbo rubber is still quite supple and pliable.. The liner was manufactured by Backstay Standards and bares there company logo BS with in a circle it is in a size 7 there is a C-Broad Arrow stamp hidden behind the leather on the front crash pad.. With the addition of a new set of Resistal M-38 safety goggles with the natural rubber dust boots I have opted to switch out the other set of goggles I had out on the helmet for the display.. And move them over to another HSDR these particular examples are sporting clear lenses rather then the amber lenses.... British 1944 dated Helmet Steel Dispatch Rider ( HSDR ) this particular example was produced by BMB and is in a nice large size of 7 3/4 it is thought to have been issued to a Canadian Dispatch Rider there are a few possibilities on the Arms of Service Flash ( AOS ) the first being Signal troops of the 4th Canadian ( Armoured ) Division Signals, RCCS, that was attached to the 21 Canadian Armoured Regiment ( The Governor Generals Foot Guard ),CAC, of the 4th Canadian Armoured Brigade ( 4th Canadian Armoured Division ) and or Signal troops of the 5th Canadian Armoured ( Armoured ) Division Signals ,RCCS that was attached to the 2nd Canadian Armoured Regiment Lord Strathcona's Horse ( Royal Canadians ), CAC , of the 5th Canadian Armoured Brigade ( 5th Canadian Armoured Division ) A recent addition to the display is a set of Amber lensed Resistal M-38 Safety goggles these were used by Canadian and British troops alike on there HSDR's and HSRAC's.... Canadian 1944 dated Helmet Crash Dispatch Rider ( HCDR ) it's war time designation number was A-15500 ( Helmet Crash Motor Cycle Plastics ) It is thought that the contract was awarded for only 4000 examples of this particular HCDR in 1944 so they are quite rare and hard to source still sporting there original war time N #3 khaki paint...It is in un-issued and or barely worn condition with just a few small scuff marks and or blemishes to the exterior of the helmet body and is in a nice large size of 7 3/4...The liner is well marked with the Backstay Standards logo ( BS with in a circle ) and nicely ink marked with the Canadian C /I\ ink stamp in the interior on the dome.... Kind regards Mark K
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    Indeed, great to be back. It’s a more structured, relaxed friendly place... nice to be home...
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    Here's three tropical greatcoats I displayed at a show a while ago. The sitting mannequin wears a 1942 dated tropical wachmantel, while the two standing figures wear standard tropical coats - one near mint while the other was worn by a known soldier who went into captivity in Tunisia in 1943 after two years in Africa. Regards, Mark NZ
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    hahahaha.. welcome back to normality..
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    Hello Lenny and all, Been back from France just 2 odd weeks, not a bad time but had to get my Mum into a care home, mind you at 98 years old (and being a Scot) she keeps fighting and doing quite well, you all in Motherwell, Wishaw and Glasgow are strong uns...!!!........SCOTLAND THE BRAVE.....!!!
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    I'm sick of FB. I'll try to pop on with new stuff here on the forum. At work now but will take some snap shots of the collection this weekend. ☺️
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