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    Those are pretty hard to come by mate, but they are in very good condition, I especially like the Corded pair, and you do get some great pieces, is it easier to get the better types in the states, it seems that the USA have a wider choice and items are more prolific than over here in the UK
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    Just got in another Tropenhelm for the collection. I love these 1st pattern helmets, even a beat up salty one like this. Price was right. I also wanted it as it had a blue tint to it in the postings so I gambled on it being one of the rare blue ones, but its just grubby, but that's fine. No maker mark on this one. Nice size though and shows alot of use which I like. The been there look.
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    Got in 2 pairs of tropical breeches. One pair is M43 and near mint, beautiful pair. Same material as the shorts. Thank you @DAK D for your patience and generosity . The second pair is a 1942 field used "whipcord" material. Another beautiful pair. I need a standing mannequin now. Thank you Barry Searson for this pair.
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    Thanks @Davejb, I have been very fortunate to have two very good friends who collect DAK and Tropical and have been instrumental in the growth of my collection. Im on an extremely tight budget and being offered excellent items at a below market price and being able to pay on time has been the blessing for me. @DAK D has helped me in education as well, more than he probably knows. I am fortunate to have him as my friend. I do believe we had alot of DAK prisoner of war camps over here so that may account for the many items here in the states, but I have gotten some of my best from the UK.
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    Ian, its a prop weapon, basically a toy made in Japan, there were lots of them around in the 70s but they are getting harder to find nowadays, the difference being is that they were better made back then, I had a P38 and a Luger but sold them long ago, another of my great ideas/mistakes
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    Hello Tony, Yes...Another super item from your collection, and without members like you on MCN....we would never see any super items like you have shown us! Grateful Thanks & Best to you Desert Rat/ Ian Com' on ALL .......MCN members show us some or all of your collections....Thanks to you
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    Thanks for the great images Tony, This looks superb, great condition and over 70 years old, great for you collection....Yes we are waiting to see more on MCN. Fantastic & Thanks Best to you...Desert Rat/ Ian
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    They tried to section me once but I escaped and joined the MCN, now I,m not saying that everyone on here is daffy but pretty close!!!!!!!!😜
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    WOW....!!! What can I say absolutely fantastic collectables and to actually have them in your possession must be truly great! Thanks very much for showing us....Desert Rat/ Ian
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    I've had this stick grenade for many years, and now I'm ready to part with it but the value has rocketed. I wish to ascertain fair value with a hope to flat trade it for a large size so m42 luftwaffe or NSKK/SA dagger. The numbers on the handle match the canister, 100% unmessed with and complete, only lacks the bead and string. Any input is welcomed. More pics available if needed Thanks, Eric
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    Also watched this film before Cross of Iron, and I highly recommend it. Yes they use Sherman's as Tigers, but that's the beauty of it! I especially like that the lead actor was part of the 16th IR!
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    I have tried several times to link to another thread (by copying and pasting the URL into a thread) with a error message as a result. Is there a way to create a hotlink to another thread without getting this error? regards, Funksammler
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    I was lucky enough to get a super rare Original ww2 nazi SS personal waiters uniform from the Berghof (White Jacket and Black Slacks) Problem is my friends Husband did not hang this and his cat urinated on them ... Anyone have any luck cleaning this or are there Professional cleaners who do this ???? Thx JohnQQ17052301 - 05-23-2017-1114 (1).pdf
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    Hello Dave, Thanks for your knowledge, I really didn't know at all as I thought it was an original...!!! Best to you....Ian
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    Well, I liked the images I took, to remind us All of the horror especially of WW1...Sorry, that no one else seems very interested...!!! Thanks to - Africa Korps - for looking. "For ALL the Boys" Desert Rat.
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    Hello Norrie, This book is fantastic, many thanks for showing us. When I was 13 years old (1963) - Jock Maitland ex Sabre pilot (Squadron Leader) during the Korean war, was the boss of - Biggin Hill Airport, with Roy Taylor. He had a very special day arranges just for all the Guinea Pig pilots, my Dad (Ronald Bridle was appointed as chief of security on the main entrance) was on the gate with me allowing entry ( I was 13 years old) they warned me of who I was about to meet on the entry gate, that these very special pilots had fought in "The Battle of Britain" and they would be disfigured, I really did not know what to expect at all...When they started to arrive and opened their car window....I was absolutely horrified as to what I saw...God it was horrendous...men with scarred faces, no ears, no noses just 2 holes, fingers burnt off, some with just stumps for hands, blind, one eye missing, jaws completely distorted from normal, broken faces, just one arm or just one hand...It shocked me to tears, my Dad came over and asked if I was Ok, i said NO Dad, this is breaking my heart to see these such Heroes having and still going through so much pain. He took over and I went into the hedge nearby and cried my eyes out. After all their Supreme Bravery and Courage, they were left as pieces of human beings...BUT, they were all happy smiling, polite and lovely people...these were from all nationalities ...British, South African, Polish, Canadian etc.....It was for me a heartfelt Pleasure to meet these Great Heroes from WW2...I met over 30 of the best Battle of Britain pilot's and many more . My Day was of the Greatest Memory for me, terribly sad as it was...I, Remember them all, at least 30 that I met as the Saviours of Britain...!!! And as Winston Churchill stated..... "Never, in the field of human conflict, was so much owed by so many to so few." Yes they Were...The Very Few ....Left...We Remember You ALL...!!! This was before the very first 1963 - Biggin Hill Airshow - the same year and ...Just to mention which many will not believe it, including my Dear Dad.......There were just five of us on the Main Gate...My Dad, Lady Maitland, George Smith (ex-Police) me, and (another lady I have forgotten her name)..at the end of the weekend sunday afternoon, Lady Maitland came up to me and commended me for such a good job I had done on collecting money as she herself was on the gate, offered me £5 or a free flight in a Lancaster Bomber, which was on show with Spitfires, Hurricanes, Typhoons, P51 Mustangs etc etc...what did this stupid pratt do....????? accepted the £5 and lost the only and ever chance I would have to fly in the most iconic and superb bomber that Roy Chadwick during WW2.....Had ever made! I even now bitterly regret taking the £5......and lost my only chance..at least I met the bomber crew!!!
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    Val, Csaba. Several days out from here. I´ve seen new messages now. I will try to take new photographs to show the red markings more detailed. Regards. C.
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    Hans, to think in 60/70 years people will be buying this contraption to store in their garage. I think they will call it a Fritzness Bike.
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    Ian, first off you really dont want to put any gasmask of wartime era on your face, the filters contain asbestos, its a real bad idea. secondly the "cloth" will have had something else added to it in order that no gas can be absorbed through the fibres, it could be a rubber type solution or something else, a gentle steam might help the reform the features, but to be honest I would leave it alone
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    One of my favourite films plus funny in places and sombre in others, also Lee Marvin was a marine during the war and apparently went through some tough times on Saipan when he was shot twice and literally all his fellow marines were either killed or were injured, he was awarded the Purple Heart and a few other medals, but spent a long time in hospital recovering. After the war I think he was a plumber before becoming an actor
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    I don't think so Dave, I think Channel 5 stopped airing them after the ridiculous complaints which is a bit silly. @Steve T do you think they'll be re-aired on Channel 5?
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    Yes Dave, thank you very much for pointing that out!I think that we all know what Zimmerit is....I said that Italian Collectors refer to this kind of camo as "Zimmerit" because "Elmetto ricoperto di una strana pasta composta da un miscuglio di segatura e/o terra e vernice o colla in modo da renderlo rugoso e non così atto a riflettere la luce" would be too long! I've been into AFVs for decades as well and I think that I know very well what Zimmerit is,in fat I had a few sections off a Pz IV with original camo which I sold for crazy money to a German collector!That said, if you're ever in Saumur,France,take a good look at some of their vehicles coated with ORIGINAL Zimmerit ( the guys who restored tanks like the KT applied "home.made" Zimmerit)...you'll discover interesting things like fingerprints,initials of names and even the texture of the workers' clothing! Just in case you'd be interested to add that to your very interesting lecture it's worth noting that it was hardened by torches,that it took 200kg of the stuff to coat a Tiger I and that there were at least 11 different patterns,and that doesn't include the field-made ones or those rare cases in which stick or even fingers had been used to add a pattern to hard-to-reach areas! For the records,the "Polyvinyl acetate" is but our "Elmer's or "Carpenter's glue"!
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    I've always wanted a zimmerit helmet. This one is a beauty!
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    Oh man,i remember that one hahah. Are those the tails for it on the left?